What would you ask an author?

I’m going to start doing author interviews on this here blog, so I wondered if you had any burning questions you’d like me to ask writer-types.

I’m looking for something a bit different to the “Where do you get your ideas from?” kind, but not quite as random as Smash Hits-style “What colour is Tuesday?” (It’s yellow.)

Tell me in the comments please. I’ll send a booky prize to the suggester of my favourite question.


12 thoughts on “What would you ask an author?

  1. Tuesday, I have always thought of as being blue. Royal blue, not navy. I’ve also always thought of it as ‘my’ day as I was born on a Pancake Tuesday a few years ago.
    I wish I could have asked Barbara Cartland and Catherine Cookson how on earth they got away with it.
    I’d like to ask authors if they need any typing doing as that’s something I can help with. (Not being facetious, although I know that I occasionally can be.)
    But also I’d like to know if any of them think it’s a lonely occupation – and how they cope with it if so.

  2. What well known song would they like to turn into a book? For instance, Elena Rigby by The Beatles or Luka by Suzanne Vega. Any song at all.

  3. I’ve written the first draft of a YA novel. Where do I start with the second draft? Is there a magic method to turning drivel into genius-standard prose?

  4. I did ask an author a question once, it was back in the days of Compuserve and the Internet being shiny and new. I hadfound a fave writer on Geocities or somthing similarly dire, and posed this gem, “Why have you not written another novel about Paedur, I think this trilogy should have four books” 🙂

    My question now would be, “How much of what you write is actually about you and things that have happened to you?”

  5. I’m going to be boring and ask some practical questions. How do you organise their writing day? How do you keep the momentum going? How do you keep ideas in their heads when things like the school run intervene? I’ve lost count of the times when I’ve been struck by inspiration, with not just words but paragraphs and pages flowing out of me and I have to interrupt things to go and do some part of life’s routine. By the time I return, I never feel as if what I produce is as good.

    How do you use gadgets and technology to help you in your work?

    Who is the favourite character you’ve created and why?

    How do you climb over Writer’s Block?

    I also disagree that Tuesday is yellow – it’s pink. Monday is dark and miserable and slate grey, but Tuesday is dawn. It’s Thursday that’s yellow as the sun is fully out as we approach the weekend:-)

  6. If you had to live within the confines of one book, and only interact with its characters (but you would still be yourself), which book would you choose?

  7. Here’s a question I always find funny and always ask when I’m interviewing people…

    Just for fun, who in the world would be your ideal grandma? It can be anyone you like!


    Amber xx

  8. I would ask how often the author finds himself/herself writing for the audience, rather than writing what they would like to. Like, how do you find a balance between personal style, creativity, preference etc and what you think the masses will enjoy? Or do most successful writers just like what the publishers like anyways, and wouldn’t write any differently if it was completely up to them anyways?

    Hope this makes sense…I’m not a writer, just know a few aspiring ones!

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