Sit, Ubu, Sit (Good dog)

I’ve been wanting to read this book for ages, so I was delighted when my lovely friend Diane Shipley loaned it to me.

It’s a memoir by Gary David Goldberg, creator of Family Ties (which I loved) and Spin City (which I’ve never seen). You may know the title of the book (and this blog post) from the production company ident at the end of those shows. Just the thought of it takes me right back to the eighties.

The book is just lovely, as much about Goldberg’s relationship with his wife Diana as it is about TV, though it also made me want to read lots more books about TV production (particularly in the 80s – any of the writers/producers of Dallas written a book? No?) and it really made me want to watch Family Ties again.

Oh and he also writes about a series he wrote called Brooklyn Bridge, which sounds wonderful, but isn’t available. There’s nothing even on YouTube (well, a 20 second trailer). I hate it when that happens.


11 thoughts on “Sit, Ubu, Sit (Good dog)

  1. Loved Spin City. I used to remember this line at the end of the programmes. You might like Aaron Spelling’s autobiography of Dynasty, Charlie Angels and Melrose fame. My personal favourite Tori Spelling’s book sTori Telling! I was a big Beverly Hills 90201 fan, so I loved reading about her time on the show.

  2. Jeff uses this phrase all the time. I think he just likes the sound of it because it never makes sense to the situation. LOL

  3. Oh yes, StoriTelling is fab. (Her other books are more lightweight, but well written. Hilary Liftin does them. I mean *co-writes* them.) You should definitely see Spin City some time, the first few series at least. (Don’t bother after they bring in Charlie Sheen, obvs.)

    1. Have just read the StoriTelling sample and really liked it, so will def get that at some point. Yes, I’ll get Spin City too. I’d forgotten Sheen took over. Yeah, won’t be watching it once he turns up. (Although I do love him in Friends.)

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