WIN a Jessie ♥ NYC proof

Look what arrived yesterday!

This is the proof so it’s not gold or shiny like the finished copies are going to be, but it still looks gorgeous. (I had no idea what the proofs were going to look like and I was so pleased when I saw them. As Tyra would say, they really pop!)

Plus my lovely publishers have sent me lots more copies than I actually asked for, so I thought I’d give a few away.

To be in with a chance of winning one, just leave a comment telling me your favourite New York moment, place, movie, TV show, song, shop, restaurant, whatever. Pretty much anything New York-related works for me.

Closing date is Friday 11 March at midnight GMT. And this one’s UK only, I’m afraid.


46 thoughts on “WIN a Jessie ♥ NYC proof

  1. My favourite New York moment was walking into Times Square for the first time. It absolutely blew me away! The sights, the sounds, the colour, the moment, the ads, the fonts, the images. I felt like I was in another world. Wonderful.

  2. Hi Keris. My favourite New York moment was arriving in New York for the first (and only) time, dumping our bags in the hotel, walking to the Rockefeller Centre, getting to ‘Top of the Rock’ just in time to watch the sun go down, and saying ‘Oh my god we’re really in New York!’ a lot. Even though it was March and BLOODY FREEZING up there.

  3. My favourite New York moment was on one of the New York tour buses we went on. As we drove through Spanish Harlem, there was a big billboard on a burnt out building saying “Low Cost Housing for New Yorkers”. All the British people on the bus cracked up. The tour guide, bless her, who was genuinely warm and vivacious and friendly, just didn’t get why we were all laughing – she wasn’t offended or anything, just puzzled.

    Definitely the highlight of a fantastic December trip to NYC which made me irrevocably fall in love with the city.

  4. The more I hear it the more I am moved by Empire State of Mind.

    “These streets will make you feel brand new
    Big lights will inspire you”

    Extra kudos for making ‘inspire’ a three syllable word.

    (Oh crap, should I have said my wedding?)

  5. My favorite moment when I visited New York was stepping into the Village and finding tables of cheap used books for sale on every single street corner. Is it always like that? Or was something special going on for the 5 days I was there, back in 1999? Who knows? But it filled me with pure delight and made me feel like I was stepping into an amazing literary world.

    And I loooove the pictures of your proofs! So beautiful, and I cannot WAIT to read the book!

    1. Hmm. Sex and the City would lead me to believe they’re there all the time, but I’ve never actually seen them. But then I haven’t spent as much time in the Village as I’d like to.

  6. Walking, (nay – gliding!) into the auditorium at Radio City Music Hall during my first (and to date only) trip to NYC. Absolutely breathtaking, exciting and emotional – I felt so lucky to be there and I’ll never forget it.

  7. Having never been to New York, my one wistful daydream of the place is standing at a Hot-Dog vendor (cart/wagon?) and watching Sandra Bullock chat happily with Hot Dog Guy from ‘While you Were Sleeping’ – it makes such a scary, massive city look and feel so warm and cosy and homely.

  8. I have always wanted to go to New York and one day I hope I will. But my favorite New York moment would have to be in Miracle on 34th Street, where the real Santa is working as a Santa in Macy’s and sends people to Gimbles

  9. I have so many good memories of New York. Spending the day in Central Park, seeing the view from the Rockafellar Centre, too many to mention here! My most unique memory is walking across the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan on the centennial day stopping halfway to see the fireworks being set off in the East River Park. Something that can never be repeated, not in my lifetime anyway 🙂

  10. ooh I have two. The shop Serendipidy in New York, which my blog is named after! Also in Friends, when Ross saves his monkey from choking, he realises that fatherhood will be easy and they play the song ‘In a New York Minute’ – breaks my heart everytime!!

  11. oo I love reading all these favourite things about New York! I’m going on my first trip in June and I’m all excited now 🙂

    I didn’t realise proofs looked like actual books! How exciting 🙂

  12. Does that disqualify me from entering? *bleats* and you realise you’ve squished my ONLY dream of NYC and the hot-dog carts….

    1. Of course not! And you do know they do have hot dog carts in New York, yes? Just not that particular hot dog cart…

  13. I’ve never been to NY, but I remember seeing this film with the Olsen twins once called New York Minute that just cracked me up (and not because it was a good film). So my favourite NY moment was seeing Eugene Levy chase after Mary-Kate Olsen through New York like some mad scientist with a vendetta :P.

  14. It was after we met you there. Same day though. Busy busy day for us!! Met you for lunch, uo to Top of the Rock, etc. Back to hotel, wash and brush up, out again for the show at RCMH. It was absolutely brilliant. Those Rockettes – well, they just knocked my socks right off. (There were tears, I can tell you!) A – mazing!!

  15. Top of the Rock was my fave (and going there with you, obvs). (I’m going to be disqualified for sucking up, aren’t I?)
    Serendipity was a runner-up, though. Ooh, and Macy’s. And The Strand. And the chips at Carnegie Deli. And… and…

  16. Back ’95 I was a student in New Haven and took the train to NY, getting of at Grand Central. I’d been worried about getting lost, but much to my surprise all the old movies flooded my mind as I wondered past the Chrysler building and found my way to Washington Square, that wonderful mélange of cosmopolitan NY. I bought two vintage college tops from the store on the far side of the Square and as I made my way back up towards Time Square (yes I did walk all that way) I heard the familiar sound of the bagpipes. Curious, I followed the haunting melody to the source, a tall fine looking guy in full highland dress: kilt sporran glen garry. Naustalgia for home overcame me and, in my broadest Glasgow accent, said “hiya china how’s it goin?”. The man smiled, removed the chanter from his mouth and said in flawless French “Bon merci”!!
    That’s New York!!!

  17. My favourite NYC moment was doing the Madison Square Garden tour and seeing the small 200 seat theatre that is completely underground and hidden away, yet all of the big names have played there – an absolute gem.

  18. When I was a young, ambitious, wannabe career girl I always loved Working Girl and wanted to commute to work on the ferry to the big city like Melanie Griffiths reading the financial pages. New York, to me, is big 80s hair doos, loud lipsticks and cheap plastic earrings. Oh and sexist city traders. With Carly Simon singing in my ear.

  19. Ohhhh, Helen beat me to it! Well, if it’s not a Working Girls Harrison-Ford-Filled NYC, then it has to be a Francis Ford Coppola’s Cotton Club one. Prohibition, Dancing, Bootleggers, wide-shoulder-suited men in hats, girls with attitude and style, an element of danger, a touch of swagger, and a rainfall of beautiful people, colour and photography – all underscored by the most music.

  20. I have lots of favourite NY moments. going on a carriage ride in Central Park, corny but fun. Watching the sun set from the Top of the Rock. Meeting Hugh Laurie in Grand Central Station. Walking to Times Square for the 1st time. I could go on but I won’t!

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