The Noise of New York

From the age of about 10, I was obsessed with London. Me and my sister went for the weekend with Mum and our aunty and a couple of things* always stuck in my mind. The first is sitting eating breakfast in the hotel’s basement dining room and watching feet going past the window. I remember trying to imagine where everyone was going and how their day would go.

The second thing is how noisy it was at night. I remember lying in the hotel room, first thing in the morning, just as it was getting light, and listening to the traffic. We never heard any traffic noise at home and it seemed so exciting to hear it there.

And the noise is one of the (many) things I love about New York. Just the sound of a police siren on a TV show or in a song can take me right back there. The place is buzzing, day and night. It’s thrilling.

* The other thing that happened on one of those trips was that my aunty shoved a Brazil nut in my sister’s mouth and my sister had a huge allergic reaction. If it wasn’t for the fact that we bumped into a doctor in Harrods (when we were looking for the ice cream bar in the hopes that the coldness of the ice cream would deflate my sister’s grotesquely swollen gob), she probably would’ve died. The lesson I hope my aunty learned is if someone says they don’t like nuts, don’t force-feed them nuts.


5 thoughts on “The Noise of New York

  1. Your sister was so lucky that a doctor was there… I love London and used to work there, so I really do miss it now being down by the sea. I still haven’t been to NY but hope to one day.

  2. … what a fab post … I had a ‘London’ thing on the go when I was little too! Maybe that was a reaction to growing up in a northern small town provincial backwater .. : ) My Eldest (nearly 7yrs) is obsessed with New York, she has a picture of the New York skyline on her bedroom wall and keeps saying that she wants to go there. And live there when she’s ‘grown up’. I am keeping everything crossed for her…

  3. I went to New York around seven years ago and although I loved it immensely (and so did my son, who, aged 5, whispered to the Statue of Liberty whilst going back on the ferry that one day we would be back and she needn’t worry – so sweet).

    Everything was amazing and I am sure that I was in shock that I, little old me, was in NYC.

    On another note, we got my daughter’s nut allergy results back – luckily she’s grown out of the allergy….but I remember the swellings……I feel for your sister! x

  4. *……..although I loved it, I missed home. I missed the countryside.

    I don’t have a clue as to what happened to the last part of that sentence from my last post. Sorry if it didn’t make sense.

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