The Reluctant Bride by Lucy Mangan

I have very little interest in weddings – even my own was not much fun – but I do love Lucy Mangan and after reading the Kindle sample of The Reluctant Bride, I was desperate to read it. Not desperate enough to buy it on the Kindle, you understand – not when the library could order it for me – but I had it within a few days and took it with me when I got the train into Manchester for the day.

And it was a good job I did, because thanks to a points failure (at Preston! Where Lucy Mangan’s from!), the return journey took three hours instead of 45 minutes. But I didn’t even mind cos I was reading such a good book (however, I was slightly perturbed that at Bolton, where we were chucked off the train, there were no loos, the cafe had been demolished and the vending machines were corralled behind what looked like crime scene tape).

Anyway. The Reluctant Bride is the story of how Lucy Mangan met, fell in love with, and married her husband, Christopher, who you may know as “Toryboy” if you read Mangan’s columns. It’s extremely funny, very sweet and actually pretty romantic. I loved it.


4 thoughts on “The Reluctant Bride by Lucy Mangan

  1. I like the sound of this, especially coming from another ‘weddings, meh’ person. I have very little interest in weddings too. I don’t get this idea that all women are supposed to go gaga over them – and so many brides completely lose the plot.

  2. I have to say that I really enjoyed my own wedding – now I’m divorced so that probably just goes to show! It was also our ‘farewell to England’ party as we emigrated six weeks later. (And three years later we came back…) All in all, not so successful really. I realised in the end that ‘marriage’ and ‘wedding’ are two very different things. I’d like to read this book and will see if my library has it. 🙂 x

  3. I really enjoyed my own wedding too but we only had nine people at ours then dinner at a restaurant. I’ve never felt cheated by not having a big wedding or the urge to ever do it again though so….

    Did I read extracts of this online a while ago? I think I might have and it made me laugh like a drain.

    1. We only had ten people and dinner at a restaurant too. But I was way too nervous to enjoy it. I do think about doing it again “properly” but I’d rather spend the money on a good holiday.

      And, yes, I think you did, Stella. Maybe it was a Top 10 or something rather than an extract. There was a great line about bridesmaids that I’m going to have to look up…

      Found it:

      “You have to use a friend who is shorter, fatter and uglier than you are,” said my sister, her judicious eye travelling slowly up and down my frame. “I think,” she said after a pause, “you can just drag a dog turd behind you on a string.”

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