What’s your least favourite song?

I discovered this music challenge on Facebook (via lovely Sarah Clark) and I thought I’d post today’s here (don’t worry, I won’t post it here every day, just when I haven’t got time / can’t think of anything else to write).

Today’s prompt is ‘your least favourite song’ and this one’s mine. I’d never heard it before I went to work in Waterstone’s (10 years ago this year!), but it was on a compilation CD the manager used to play and it sets my teeth on edge. I really do hate children singing in pop songs.

See also the scary one from The Lost Boys: Cry Little Sister. And Hey Matthew by Karel Fialka, which is talking rather than singing, but still makes the hairs on my arms stand up. And not in a good way.


What’s your least favourite song? And which song scares your pants off?


14 thoughts on “What’s your least favourite song?

  1. It is so hard to narrow this down I would say anything by Dire Straits, The Verve or Manic Street Preachers. Especially The Drugs don’t Work and If You Tolerate This blah blah blah. Dull – I want music I can sing to or feel moved by not feel depressed and want to kill myself to. Sorry that was slightly more passionate than I intended!

  2. I always thought that song was called Grocer Jack. You’re right, it’s abysmal.

    My most hated song is Lady in Red. Hate hate HATE it. I can’t think of one that scares me now – but as a child I remember being very frightened by the video for We Can Dance by Men Without Hats. I can’t remember why – think I might look it up on You Tube…..

  3. OMG I forgot Lady in red. I really detest that song too. And ‘Hey Matthew’ was just wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyone remember ‘a song called ‘Camoflage – just looked it up and it was by Stan Ridgeway around 1986….*shiver*

    1. Ugh, I hate Camouflage too. I don’t actually mind Lady in Red. Obviously, it’s shit, but it makes me laugh, especially the dance/romance/chance lines. *snorts*

  4. My most hated song has to be either the stupid Single Ladies one or Crazy in Love by Beyonce. Given that I’ll be doing this on my blog now because I’m a copycat copcat don’t know what you’re lookin’ at, I’d better get my decidin’ hat on.

    Scariest might be the PIL song, Order of Death remixed for The Blair Witch Project soundtrack. A radio station in Australia used to play it before the sun came up when Craig & I were dozing before he got up for work. That wasn’t very nice of them.

  5. Am a bit worried now, as I really like Hey Matthew and the Safety Dance and Camouflage (in a ‘er, that’s an interesting way to do a song’ fashion rather than ‘I would like you to play this at my funeral’). And your Teenage Opera up there has brass fills and jazz flute, so I will forgive it a lot.

    I just got up and turned off the TV because an Olly Murs song came on. There was a song called ‘I’ve got a little something for you’ by MN8 when I was at college, which we declared The Worst Song Of All Time. However, I think nothing can top Peter Wyngarde’s ‘Rape’ for crimes against song. If you haven’t heard it, don’t go looking, it does what it says on the tin.

    1. I can appreciate that Hey Matthew is an interesting song, it just scares the crap out of me. I quite like Safety Dance too, mainly cos it reminds me of The Simpsons episode when the DJ says, “Safety Dance by Men Without Hats, now Men Without Jobs!” I don’t care if Teenager Opera has chocolate and moonbeams, it’s got kids singing! *shudders*

      Me and D heard the Olly Murrs song in the car yesterday. We didn’t know it was him, but all the way through we’d been saying, “Call this a song?” and “What is the point?” and “Music’s gone right down the shitter” and then Steve Wright said it was Olly Murrs and we both went, “Well. There you go.” 🙂

      I’ve never heard of that Peter Wyngarde song. WTAF?

      And now I’ll be singing ‘I’ve got a little something for you…’ for the rest of the day. (Is the next line something like ‘And I’ll give you three guesses to figure out just what it is?’ If so, I feel sorry for myself.) (Oh my god, I know even more: ‘Cos I’ve been holding back so long and our love is going strong. So… something, something… cos the gift that I got ain’t goin’ back.’) (ARGH!)

  6. Scariest has to be O Superman by Laurie Anderson. Scared the bejeezus out of me as a child…

    Least favourite has to be that godawful song “Dilemma” by Nelly and Kelly Rowland. Annoying as…

    And the @Susan? The Manics rock! 😉

  7. For me, definitely that Baker Street thingy by Gerry Rafferty. It was playing all the time when I was pregnant and permanently queasy. Every time I hear the intro I have to hot foot it out of wherever. It makes me sick, literally. Talk about Pavlov’s dog!
    (Who on earth could hate Dire Straits? Mark Knopfler’s playing simply knocks my socks right off. Every time.)

  8. Agree with the Dire Straits thing – maybe just ‘Knights in White Satin’ and I can’t get through ‘Hotel California’ without sicking up either. Both just remind me of particularly *bad* episodes at youth club discos I’m afraid. Oh, and some breathy Fleetwood Mac track (Rumours album) which our lesbian PE teacher used to get us to ‘thrust’ moves to during… well PE I guess. I hated it. And her. And PE. So there.

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