Authors for Japan – can you help?

I can’t comprehend the scale of the devastation in Japan and I can’t stop thinking about it. I woke up in the night and lay there, thinking about how lucky I am and how I wanted to do something to help. At first, I was going to just put a button on this blog and ask people to contribute towards a Shelterbox, but then I remembered the wonderful Authors for Queensland auction and decided to try that instead.

If you’re an author or a publishing professional willing to contribute something to be auctioned in aid of Japan, I’d love to hear from you. I’m thinking proofs/ARC, books, naming a character, swag, chapter/query letter/synopsis critiques, even writer mentoring.

And if you’re a reader, let me know the kind of thing you’d like to see in the auction and I’ll try to get it. There’ll be a dedicated website up by Monday.

Thank you. (Oh and I’ve never done anything like this before so any help/advice would be wonderful too!)

UPDATED: Blimey, you’re all so lovely! Thanks for all the offers so far. If you could make sure you leave your email with your comment, I’ll get in touch in the next couple of days (I currently have a 2-year-old yelling “MAAAMA!” from his bed… why isn’t he asleep?!) Or if you prefer, you could email me at Thank you!

UPDATED 14 MARCH: I’ve closed the comments on this post now since I’m about to put the site live. You can still contact me via email but please see comment above re what I need from you. Thank you so much.

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112 thoughts on “Authors for Japan – can you help?

  1. Fab idea, Keris. I’m happy to pledge a pen2publication crit of a first chapter plus covering letter plus signed copy of Write to be Published with crabbit bag.

  2. I would love to see more mentorships offered by authors. In the QLD Auction, one went for over a thousand dollars I’m pretty sure. Critiques of chapters are fantastic too! Good luck!

  3. I’m up for whatever I can do – can give signed books, and would be happy to name a character if that would be of any interest.

    Thanks for the initiative.

  4. Would love to help, Keris. Not sure what you’d prefer – can do signed copies or if you’d like will offer to do an event (reading group or school) but that would have to be in or close to me in Edinburgh. Well done! Sara x

  5. This is such a fabulous idea. I spent last summer in Japan and loved every minute of it. Such a wonderful country and such welcoming people. They don’t deserve this – no-one does. I feel so helpless and want to do something to help. Thanks for coming up with this idea.

    1. You’re very welcome. I’ve never been to Japan, but have always wanted to. Can’t imagine what people are going through.

  6. Hi Keris

    Well done on doing something positive. Happy to offer signed harback copies of I Did a Bad Thing, 10 Reasons Not to Fall in Love and Things I Wish I’d Known. X

  7. Am in – first chapter critique, cover letter and synopsis advice and I can donate a couple of signed books. Let me know what you need x

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  9. What a brilliant idea – count me in – I have a copy of ‘His Last Duchess’ you could auction. I’ve never done anything like this either, so don’t know how to offer any help. Where would you like me to send the book? Would be happy too to offer a first chapter critique, too.

    1. Although I ain’t published yet, for the right bid I’ll change the name of my MC in my firstborn novel..

      Brilliant idea, by the way, Keris, hat’s off to you!

  10. Brilliant idea, Keris: hard not to feel overwhelmed into inaction by the scale of the devastation.

    I can offer 6 months of online mentoring for a children’s or YA writer. (And if anyone wants a character name in a book out in 2012, I can offer that separately too!)

    susie AT

  11. Hi Keris,

    I woke in the night too and couldn’t stop thinking about all those lives lost or ruined. I don’t know how much use I can be because I’m a very new author – (my first book Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes isn”t out until July) I would be happy to do anything. I’m currently writing my second novel which has been accepted by my publisher so if any interest I could name a character?

  12. I was thinking, “Wow, I wish I was an author so I could give something,” but then I realised I have a spare copy of the book I contributed to, Filled With Glee, and of course I’m happy to offer it, alongside a critique of a pop culture essay, article pitch, or other piece of non-fiction writing up to 3k words.

  13. Fantastic to be able to do something – I can offer a signed pop-up book along with a dummy page and sketches.

  14. Donation of copies of my short story collection, Back Burning, published in Queensland – could see if the publisher can participate in some way; critique of short story; could elaborate on my paper “Warming up before sitting down: from online to inter-face writing support”.

  15. This is a fab idea well done! I wud jump at the chance to be mentored by an author or given a workshop or something like that! Even to be a character in a book they are all amazing ideas! Please let me know when the auction will take place

  16. I saw this on Facebook and it’s such a wonderful idea – I can offer three critiques of 2,000 word opening chapters of middle grade to teen novels. And two paperbacks of Tall Story – I will draw a cartoon on the title pages and sign them.

  17. I’d happily offer a free copy of ‘New Beginnings’ but they’d have to wait a while… but if that would be any use I’d make sure they get one of the first copies of it.

  18. That’s brillaint Keris – thank you for organising something when the rest of us are all just sitting there watching the TV with our mouths open in horror. Happy to donate a signed first edition of Small Blue Thing and to name a character in the final one of the trilogy (will have to be a passing one though as the others have been already published).

  19. Am up for anything I can do too. My books isn’t out til May…could I offer signed copy or something?

  20. This is a great idea. I’ll be along to bid on things when you get started. I also put a link to this on my blog (I’ll change it to the website once it’s up), so I hope you get some extra bids.

  21. I’d like to offer a signed copy of Angel’s Fury. It won’t be out until July 4th, but if bidders are willing to wait I’m happy to contribute.

  22. Thanks so much for giving a way for people to contribute. I’ll offer a manuscript critique – picture book or MG/YA fiction – up to 3,000 words plus cover letter.

  23. Hi Keris,
    I’d like to offer some non-fiction/freelance journalism mentoring. Usually I charge Ā£250+ for four one-hour phone sessions with exercises set and feedback given in bewteen. Or places on workshops held in Birmingham and London are usually Ā£129+. I know that these aren’t going to be as attractive as some of the wonderful and precious stuff offered by high profile authors of fiction but I am currently reworking my freelance tips book and have a deadline of August so of course a copy of that can also be included when it comes out. I hope this is helpful, to be honest I would expect people to possibly bid lower than the usual cost of these mentoring/workshop sessions but thank you for helping me see how I can do something to help.

  24. No services to offer to the auction except my strongest bidding support for the generosity of others and the opportunity to support our neighbours in need!

  25. I’ve sent you an email – you have the support of past editors from 100 Stories for Queensland and 50 Stories for Pakistan.

  26. I would like to make a donation too.

    I can donate 3 x 1st chapter fededback up to 3000 words (any genre) and a signed copy of my book when it’s out later this spring (My book is literary / experimental fiction).

    Best regards,
    Berit Ellingsen

  27. I would be pleased to give you a signed copy of each of my children’s picture books (4) to auction to help the people devastated by the earthquake in Japan. Let’s hope that this will bring to an end the grim disaster ridden start to 2011!

  28. Hi Keris, I can offer a personalised childrens illustration – with any name embedded into the illustration,and on any theme chosen by winning bidder (eg – dinosaurs/ fav. TV characters etc) – I know it is slightly off tangent but I figured that writers and aspiring writers have children and bedroom walls too and may fancy a piece of bespoke artwork : ) I will e mail you some examples of my work. Hope this helps in some way : )

  29. Coffee in Soho and chat about your writing dreams with kickass Penguin author, ex-literary agent and university writing tutor. (that’s me btw)

  30. Whatever you need, Keris. I am not famous enough to have anything existing to offer, but I should be honoured to help out.

  31. What a great idea! Many people want to help out, but other than money or being an aid worker, there is another way to help by sending words of support and hope. You can send your message online to school children and emergency workers in Japan via Hope Letters at Hope Letters will translate them into Japanese and deliver them to local organizations for posting/broadcasting (when it is practical and effective to do so). Help give hope!

  32. Do you want an original MS or published books? I have plenty of paperbacks and would send a parcel to wherever. Please email me privately and say what you would like. Anne Herries/Linda Sole. I could write a short just for your auction if it comes off.

    Anne Herries/Linda Sole

  33. Brilliant idea, Keris – thanks for doing this. I’ve donated to Shelterbox (wonderful charity) but I was hoping to do more. I wish I had something to offer but I will definitely be bidding! x

  34. Nothing to offer professionally (if only I had…) but would love to bid on some of these great offers when the auction happens. Great idea.

  35. Great idea! I would definitely bid on a criique or mentorship package. Especially for picture books or early readers.

  36. I love this idea. My books are incredibly niche non-fiction titles, so I don’t think they’d be much use as donations. I’d love to help in some way though. I’ll try to think up something!

  37. Hi Keris, fantastic idea – well done for organising. I’m not an author myself (copywriter/journo) but have passed this link on to author friend and asked her to help spread the word & contribute if possible.
    best wishes Stella

  38. Glad of a chance to do something. Can offer a signed FLIPS for Nintendo DS Cathy Cassidy disc – that’s six of my children’s books for nintendo hand-held, plus quizzes, games, extras. Good luck Keris, so, so upset by all of this.

  39. Hi,
    Thanks for this, what a great idea!
    I’d love to offer signed copies of my first two books for age 9+ Shine and Glitter and a character name in book 4, out prob 2012,

    Good Luck, I hope you raise loads,
    Love Kate xxx

  40. Don’t know how much demand there will be for my book (even I’ve never heard of me!). But it might be more special because what I send won’t just be A copy – it’ll be the very first one! It only went on pre-order last night.

  41. What a gret idea Keris. Not sure what I can do to help really – you are welcome to a couple of my books and I’d be happy to do a chapter/pitch critique but not sure if that’s relevant as I haven’t published any fiction? Do let me know if I can do anything though.

  42. Great idea! I used to live in Japan and still have friends there (mercifully unharmed) so if there’s anything at all I can do, please contact me on rin_simpson(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

  43. Keris! You ARE amazing! What a terrific idea!

    I have tweeted your blog link and posted the link/info on my Fan Page.

    I’m the author of 3 books, plus many of my clients are authors whom I provide branding, marketing and PR services for. So I will plan to donate copies of my books, as well as a consulting package you can auction, AND I’ll enourage my author-clients to also donate their books and/or e-products.

    I’ve also sent your blog link to my Publisher this morning and asked her to promote it, and notify their other authors.

    I hope, in my own small way, this helps your overall BIG effort!


  44. Hi Keris, Just saw this on FB, great idea. I can offer an original signed drawing/character illustration (by me) of my main characters, Charlie and Tobias, from Castle of Shadows and City of Thieves. (I trained as a painter & always draw my characters as part of the writing process.)

  45. I would be happy to donate two copies of The Virgin Diaries (authored by my mother and I) as well as two copies of The People Next Door (written my partner and mother Ann Werner).
    Kimberley A. Johnson

  46. I’m a tween author and write for teen magazines – would happily offer a mentorship via cup o’ hot chocolate, hang time and reading of work – Keris, you’re gorgeous for doing this!

  47. Hi Keris –

    Bravo for you for taking action to help the people impacted by this tragedy! I’ve been flying to Japan just about every month for the past 5 years, working with ALC Education’s Global Management Consulting Group to help global companies succeed in their global leadership, creativity, innovation, team effectiveness, and execution excellence. The people of Japan are incredibly hard working, kind, and playful! I love my work there.

    I’ll donate 10 Scrappy Project Management books and 5 of each of the other Scrappy Guides:
    – Scrappy General Management
    – Scrappy Business Contingency Planning
    – Scrappy Information Security
    – Scrappy Women in Business

    Each book sells for about $18 – 20 on

    Just tell me where to ship the books (directly to the winners?) and I’ll take care of it, anywhere in the world.

    In addition I’ll donate an hour of Scrappy Phone Coaching (sticker price $450). Just hook me up with the person who gets that.

    Let me know what else I can do. And please know that I deeply appreciate your personal commitment to making a positive difference.

    – Kimberly Wiefling, Author, Scrappy Project Management, and Executive Editor of The Scrappy Guides Series

  48. This is a wonderful idea. I don’t have any books published yet but would be happy to donate hand written poetry booklet or art work (or anything else you may thingk of).

    teaforthetiller [at] hotmail [dot] com

  49. Hey Keris

    Late to the party, as ever, but would really like to help. Two separate bids: Character name in my next YA and character name in my next adult book (but auction would have to be in next two months for that last one to work!)

  50. Terrific idea! I will donate a copy of Troubled Times & ‘Til Death Do Us Part. Also my editorial service will donate a line-by-line editing up to 5K.

  51. Hey lovely. I was just thinking that as I don’t have a book to offer, how about I offer three months blog/product/book advertising on Novelicious (will also design and create the ad). Hope this would be suitable. xxx

  52. I can offer a signed copy of my debut chick lit novel Class Act.
    And how about a social media review/proposal for an author?. I’ve given social media workshops for authors at RWA, London Screenwriters Festival & various publishing expos. How about a personal review followed by a personal mentoring session?

  53. Well done, not just for thinking of this, but organising it all too. I will donate signed copies of my first books – Plotting for Beginners and Zuzu’s Petals – and one of the new one – But I Told You Last Year That i Loved You – when it comes out in June.

  54. I’d be delighted to offer a signed hardback copy of my non fiction book, The Self Sufficiency Bible (published by Watkins), if that might help?

  55. this is a great idea. i can offer a couple of signed copies of my book, and a graffitied doodled on/authors notes version, but since its poetry and i’m not famous i can’t see anyone bidding on it! so it may not be helpful. That being said, I was very moved by japan and want to help. if there’s anything i can do to help let me know.

    maybe people can help by contacting some of the presses/ named writers whose contributions may help raise money and just making them aware of this? (I can think of a couple of authors whose manuscripts or notes etc I’d love to bid on, likewise mentoring or feedback from.) So lets hope they’ll contribute.

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