Authors for Japan: Thank You

If you haven’t had a look yet, the auction is open until Sunday and there are some amazing things to bid on: Authors for Japan.

It’s going incredibly well – the site had more than 25,000 hits just yesterday and I’m hoping to get to 50,000 today (currently: 41,149) and there have been some wonderfully generous bids. Plan to highlight a few items later (or tomorrow, depending on how long Joe sleeps!), but I just wanted to highlight a few people without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.

First up are authors Emily Gale, Katrina Germein, Kate Gordon and Fleur McDonald who had the original Authors for Queensland idea that, obviously, I totally nicked – I did ask first though, honest.

Susie Day designed the wonderful logos and badges (don’t forget you can grab one for your own site over there on the right).

Jenni Nock uploaded almost all of the items to the site and I absolutely wouldn’t have got it live in time without her. Anne Marie Taylor, Betty Herbert and Carrie Dunn also helped with the uploading.

Keren David and Linda Jones have not only tweeted enthusiastically, but have also contacted many, many members of the press. And George Michael.

Of course I also have to thank all of the amazing authors who donated items and the wonderful people who are bidding (some of them in quite a frenzy!) and everyone who continues to tweet, facebook and blog about it all.

I’m incredibly grateful.


14 thoughts on “Authors for Japan: Thank You

  1. A pleasure, treasure! But you deserve the biggest thank-you for putting it all together at such whirlwind speed. Dare I say, ‘Boo-yah, Vanessa! This is what Twitter friends achieve!’ x

  2. Thank you Keris for putting it all together! 🙂 Hope we get lots of money on for help for Japan.

    Best regards,
    Berit Ellingsen

  3. Keris, you’re a complete star. It just goes to prove the adage: If you want something done, ask a busy woman. We’re all so grateful to you for making the effort. xxx

    1. Jill, that expression does keep going through my head! Along with ‘is there anything I won’t do to get out of editing’ 🙂

  4. Happy to help – and three cheers for all the fabulous backroom posse: a majestic job getting it all up and running so professionally and so fast.

  5. It has been brilliant how it has all taken off. Well done Keris and all the people behind the scenes. I was wondering where the logos and badges came from. They’re fab.

  6. Well done to you for making the effort and everyone else who has helped get this live. A truly fantastic and important thing to do.

  7. It’s been a pleasure being involved with something so wonderful, and it’s you that deserves the thanks both for being inspired and acting on it!

  8. Truly in awe of your fabulousness – totally agree: ‘Yah-boo Vanessa – THIS is how social networking WORKS!’
    Hope she is shamed into retracting anything negative she might have recorded before her show airs, silly woman. (her, not you).

  9. Added a little extra bonus to the book trailer offer to make it an even better deal (hope that’s okay). Suddenly occurred to me that not every writer has a big twitter following, but mine’s pretty sizeable, and they LOVE helping out authors, so I threw in a bit of twitter promo for the trailer once it’s made:

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