Authors for Japan: more of my top picks

70: Paperback edition of TALL STORY, signed and drawn on by Candy Gourlay (1 of 2)

Another book I’ve heard great things about and have been meaning to read for AGES. But if I’m honest, I’m mainly tempted by the drawn-on title page. I mean, how cool?!

108: Copy of STARTING OVER, ONE CAKE AT A TIME by Gesine Bullock Prado

It’s a book about cake written by a celeb’s sister. Why wouldn’t you want to read it?!

145: Your pet in RUTH SABERTON’s next novel

The idea of this one made me laugh when I read it – Ruth Saberton will write the winning bidder’s pet into her new novel. Bids include cats called Pissy and Scratchy and an English Mastiff named Ken.

160: So you want to write a book? – Coffee and cake in Soho, London with literary agent turned successful author ALISON BOND

Alison is not only completely fabulous and hilarious, she’s an ATA: agent-turned-author (which is MUCH more impressive than an MTA: model-turned-actress). Also? More cake.

162: Mentorship o’ Sass from author and journalist LISA CLARK

Lisa is – take note, Vanessa – an online friend who became a real world friend when we spent a weekend doing a sponsored walk in New York together. She is completely awesome and inspirational. Also? Funny.

164: Three chapter critique + signed copy of AND BY THE WAY by Denise Deegan

I just read And by the Way, Denise Deegan’s YA debut, and absolutely loved it.

167: Signed/personally dedicated copy of THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER by Jojo Moyes + two signed books

I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. Well I can – loads – but that wouldn’t really be doing it justice. It’s a GORGEOUS book. Gorgeous.