Authors for Japan: Grand Total

Last Authors for Japan post for a while, I promise.

The auction ended yesterday and bidding closed with a grand total of


which is being paid to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal as I type.

I’m completely overwhelmed by pretty much everything that’s happened in the past week. So many people have been so wonderfully generous and supportive. Thank you all so much.

And now we’ll return to regular programming… 😉


11 thoughts on “Authors for Japan: Grand Total

  1. Well done, everybody! It’s such a fantastic result. Also, thanks to you, Keris, for doing it all xxxx

    1. Certainly will, Kate. Just confirming the payments at the moment, which is quite slow-going. Will be in touch asap. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Keris
    I was the underbidder on Susie Day’s mentoring scheme. Susie has very generously agreed to give me a bit of manuscript feedback, so I’d like to make a contribution to nudge you over £11K. What should I do? Can you email me on levparikian AT mac DOT com ? Thanks

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