Bring me sunshine

Gosh, I’ve found it hard to get back into blogging post-Authors for Japan. Almost all the admin is done now and so I can start to relax. Or at least I could if I didn’t have my edits, 10,000 words of the next book to write, and two commissions due on Friday. I’m not complaining (much), I’m just saying.

Anyway. Last week, my friend Peter texted to ask if my sister and I would like to go and see Bucks Fizz at the London Palladium in July. We would. (It’s the 30th anniversary of their Eurovision win, which makes me feel very old.) On Saturday, David and I had taken the boys to Lancaster and were sitting having a cup of tea and a cake when Peter rang to say that not only had he got tickets, he’d got VIP tickets for us to have a glass of Bucks Fizz with Bucks Fizz before the show. Well. The excitement.

Once I’d hung up the phone, I started whining to David about how sad it was that such a thing would have been an absolute dream come true – the best thing that had EVER happened to me – back when I was 10 and isn’t it a shame that I’m going to be 40 – 40! – when I actually get to do it.

There was a pause and then Harry said, “Well. Welcome to mine and Joe’s world.”


I took the photo above in Morecambe on Saturday and every time I look at it I smile and then well up. He totally brings me sunshine, that boy. (And the other one’s not so bad either.)



12 thoughts on “Bring me sunshine

  1. How funny! Such cynicism in one so young….and so cute! Just wait until they get a bit older….. my daughter Eve is 12 and she makes Charlie brooker look like Doris Day! Oooh I love Morecombe – it’s funny cos I’m just conjuring it up as a memory for the heroine in my current novel and it’s made me all nostalgic for seaside chippies and the statue of Eric on the front.

  2. Harry just has a gift. He’s looking more grown up now. And also, a bit shy. I like those steps. Must have a visit to Morecambe one of these fine days. Mind you, I’d have to go on that awful road, M62 is it? Wish I lived nearer to the sea….

    1. At the moment, he’s torn between showing off for photos and not wanting to be photographed at all. Morecambe’s not so nice – Lytham St Annes is nicer.

  3. All I know of Morecambe is the statue and a very cheap + nasty nightclub they had buses to from Lancaster university. I remember it all through a vodka-addled haze… which may be for the best 😉

    Anyway, you’re going to drink Buck’s Fizz with Buck’s Fizz —I’m sure your inner 10 year old will be excited on the night. Lovely pics, Joe is rocking those glasses 🙂

    1. I’m actually really excited about Bucks Fizz (there’s no apostrophe in the band name, Diane! I did keep meaning to check about the drink) – I didn’t think I would be, but I guess I’m still close enough to that inner 10-year-old… (um, you knew that though, right?).

  4. Haha! Thanks! And I’m glad you said that about Bucks Fizz week because I’m probably going to reprise it for the anniversary 🙂

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