Lizzy Harrison Loses Control by Pippa Wright

I don’t tend to get particularly excited about chick lit anymore. I’ve read an awful lot and often, these days, I don’t even make it past the first page before thinking “who cares?” but for some reason, I was keen to read Pippa Wright’s debut Lizzy Harrison Loses Control as soon as I saw the cover. I started reading it straight away (which is very unlike me, usually books linger on my shelves for months if not years)… and then didn’t want to put it down.

The back cover blurb compares the book to Sophie Kinsella, but Lizzy wastes no time in pointing out that she has no truck with dippy, ditsy, “useless” heroines of modern romance novels and I really liked the fact that Lizzy gets herself into situations fairly common to chick lit, but is never, as the saying goes, TSTL (too stupid to live). I felt confident that she was going to behave like a normal person and I wouldn’t have to slam the book down in irritation.

If I had one complaint it’s that the arrival of the love interest is so blindingly obvious, a flag with ‘LOVE INTEREST’ on it might as well have popped up out of the book, but apart from that I really enjoyed it. Really looking forward to Wright’s next book.


10 thoughts on “Lizzy Harrison Loses Control by Pippa Wright

  1. I wish I’d known you wanted this – I got given a copy at a press event and I pretty much hated all of it, bar about three funny sentences. But if you know anyone who wants a copy I’ll gladly post it to a more appreciative home! 🙂

    1. Oh I didn’t know I wanted it before I got it, IYSWIM. What did you hate about it? (And have you read The Pile of Stuff at the Bottom of the Stairs?)

      1. I haven’t, no – should I? I’m not a big chick lit reader, but have been known to enjoy it sometimes.

        I think the essential problem I had was that I really disliked the main character. I understand that women do worry that they’re either seen as a slut or unable to get any, but she spent so long going on about how it had been SIXMONTHSOMG since she’d had sex but on the other hand she didn’t want to be like her best friend who she seemed to look down on somewhat. There was an element of realism in that relationship but it wasn’t quite right; you got the dynamic of that sort of friendship between quite different types absolutely spot on with Della, where this seemed really creaky.

        And I got really irritated with the portrayal of the boss for at least half of the book as if women can’t possibly have kids and keep their professionalism or edge in the work place. Plus I don’t like the real Russell Brand, so a creepy parody didn’t really appeal. I was unimpressed with the idea that ‘losing control’ meant taking up with a total loser.

        Finally yes, the bright, waving flag of LOVE INTEREST. Although at least he was a good one.

        On the other hand I did finish it, and I laughed once or twice, so there must have been something in it!

  2. That’s interesting, Alex. I wasn’t actually that keen on the love interest, I thought he was a bit bland. Totally take your point about the boss though, but it didn’t really bother me, not sure why. I love Russell Brand, of course, so maybe that made all the difference…

    Re Pile of Stuff… probably not, no.

    1. Hehe! In the romantic vein I really like YA fiction but seem to lose interest in older protagonists. Unless it’s something funny and quirky like the Sookie books. I never say no to trying any kind of book as long as it won’t give me nightmares, though!

      1. No, I’m the same. Not sure if it’s because I read too much chick lit when I was editing Trashionista, though. Quite often I get a couple of chapters in and just think, WHO CARES?! This book’s one of the few chick lit books I’ve actually finished this year. Have you read either of Sarra Manning’s adult novels?

  3. No, but shall find out more about them. Good to have some pointers actually as need new reading; always have unread books but lacking desire to read the ones I have atm and need fresh ideas!

  4. Alex I’ve e-mailed you – and re: Sarra Manning – FAB books – you have to try one or two – I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love her stuff… and thanks in advance for the Lizzie Harrison.

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