Uptown Girls

I remember seeing a trailer for Uptown Girls and thinking it just looked like straight-to-DVD rubbish. I only ordered it from SofaCinema because The Ansonia – the apartment building that inspired some of Jessie – appears in it.

And I didn’t have to wait long – as you can see, it’s in the title shot – but after that then it didn’t actually feature all that much at all. The main character Molly’s apartment was in The Ansonia, but I assume the interiors were on a soundstage and not actually in a real apartment.

I watched the film anyway and was surprised to really enjoy it. It is indeed pretty cheesy and predictable, but it made me laugh and it actually made me cry quite a lot (dead parents is a theme though, so it wasn’t all that surprising). It’s the first Brittany Murphy film I’ve watched since her death. So sad to see her looking so young and vibrant (albeit not particularly healthy).

Have you seen it? What did you think of it?


5 thoughts on “Uptown Girls

  1. I have seen it a few times. Still one of my favorite movies of hers is Don’t Say a Word. I thought she was amazing in it.

  2. Is this the one with Billy from Neighbours in? (Man, he sucks at an English accent.) I have seen it, and I think I found it totally cheesy but watchable. (Dakota Fanning is a seriously great actress.)

    Are there any other films featuring The Ansonia? It’s pretty.

    1. Ah, is that who he was?! Yes. His accent wasn’t great, though I’ve heard a LOT worse (*cough*Anthony LaPaglia*cough*)

      And, yes, there are LOTS of other films featuring The Ansonia. And I will be watching them all in forthcoming weeks! 🙂

      1. Oh I seeee. Look forward to it, then! God yes, LaPaglia’s English accent is the worst. But I keep seeing Billy from Neighbours pretend to be a Brit, and have to yell “stop it!” every time. Thank god House realised one accent was enough and just let him be an Aussie.

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