Easily pleased

One of the things I love the most about Harry (and there are lots of things I love about Harry) is how easygoing he is. He nags at us for stuff ALL THE TIME (at the moment it’s a trip to Legoland Windsor – “Look, Middy! Kids go free on selected dates throughout the year!” – and a Zooble or twenty), but he’s never that bothered when he doesn’t get it. As I may have already mentioned here (if not here, then certainly on Twitter and Facebook), he declared our recent weekend staying at a Premier Inn in Liverpool better than both Butlins AND Disneyland Paris.

We were supposed to be having a pyjama day today – well, originally we were supposed to be going to the seaside, but a combination of less than impressive weather and David’s late night last night put the kibosh on that – but then we decided we needed both fresh air and food and set off to walk to our nearest Tesco. It’s about a 45 minute walk and after I’d done the shopping, we stood outside eating the Magnums I’d just bought.

“Look at us,” Harry said. “One big happy family, eating ice cream at the shop.”


2 thoughts on “Easily pleased

  1. He’s such a lovely boy! These tales always make me smile/laugh/reminisce . . . although I have to admit that I was never an easygoing child… I could sulk for hours. Hopefully you’ll soon have two boys saying such lovely stuff. 🙂

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