Reading… Caddy’s World by Hilary McKay

I’m lucky enough to be sent lots of books to review. I almost always* try to read the first chapter to see if it grabs me before deciding what to do. If I like the first chapter, the book goes on my (enormous) TBR pile. If I don’t, it goes on my (equally enormous) give away pile.

When Caddy’s World arrived, I thought it was a very pretty cover (and it’s a hardback with the cover printed directly on rather than on a dust jacket – I like that) and sat down to read the first chapter… and then just kept on reading. I can’t ever remember doing that before!

If you’ve read any of Hilary McKay’s Casson Family books, you’ll know just what to expect, but I hadn’t so I was just… The quote from The Guardian on the cover says “Entrancing” and it’s exactly right. I was entranced.

I finished it this morning in tears and I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series. It’s just a sweet, funny, clever, sad and magical book. I absolutely loved it.

* Sometimes I don’t read the first chapter. Sometimes I don’t even read the back cover blurb. Sometimes I only have to look at the cover before a book goes on the give away pile. Like this one.


8 thoughts on “Reading… Caddy’s World by Hilary McKay

  1. Eeeewww to *that* book – but it got some good reviews on Amazon. I’m heading over to get this one now, thanks – I LOVE your recommendations!

    1. Debs, that other cover makes me feel sick! Had to hide it from Harry (and me…)

      Don’t get this one – get the first one, Saffy’s Angel. x

  2. I’ve never heard of Hilary McKay but I do like the sound of entrancing books.

    I’m weird I know, but that cover would probably make me sit down on the stairs and start reading!

  3. I agree with everything you have said; such a wonderful review for such an absolutely wonderful book! I just loved ‘Caddy’s World’, it is superb and just magical…so perfect, so heart warming…
    Hilary McKay is my favourite author and she never fails to surprise me with brilliance!
    I too was entranced, by everything about the book, including the beautiful cover (and how right you are about hardbacks without dust jackets, which just get in the way.)

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