Walking home on Monday, Harry asked how many words Joe knows and we started listing them. Turns out he knows loads more than we’d realised, so I decided to make a note of everything he said and make a Wordle out of it. I originally planned to do it for a week, but it turned out a day was plenty. Blimey, he never stops!

This photo was taken yesterday on the way to pick Harry up from school, so this blog post is a snapshot of Joe Arthur Stainton, aged 2 years, 3 months and 1 week. 🙂

(And, no, he’s not speaking in sentences yet – though he does sing the Something Special theme tune – but Harry didn’t talk AT ALL until he was three, so we’re happy.)


14 thoughts on “Joedle

    1. I know! He says “Mama” but he didn’t yesterday… Probably because it was just me and him and so he had my attention anyway. Don’t worry, though, you’ll see Harry’s tomorrow and that totally makes up for it. 🙂

  1. That’s such a lovely idea! Must remember to do something like that when she graduates beyond ‘Bwa! Mmmmmm… ba-ba-ba?’ (she is of course very small compared to Joe. Though in a few years the difference will be as good as nothing, which is weird).

  2. Fabulous! Of course, if I did it with my two it would say ‘LIKE’ and ‘OMG’ and not a lot else for the 13yo girl, and a lot of grunting noises from the 16yo boy…..

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