Harry on the Royal Wedding

Thanks to his crush on Kate Middleton, Harry insisted on watching the wedding. He actually lost interest about an hour before anything actually happened and – thanks to his rudeness – we ended up having a shouting match during which he yelled: “All these years you been a beautiful lady and NOW look what you done!” I laughed, he laughed, peace was restored and he sat next to me to watch Kate arrive at the Abbey.

On seeing the bridesmaids: “KIDS are getting married?! I wish I was there. I’d just eat pizza as I was walking.”

On the choir: “I didn’t know there were angels in the church!”

On Kate walking down the aisle with her father: “I didn’t know she was marrying that man. I thought she was marrying William!”

When I explained that her father ‘gives her away’: “I don’t get it.”

On the ring: “The ring’s saying, ‘Hey! I don’t want to be on someone’s finger! Get me out of here!'”

And… finally: “I heard there was a person say ‘you may kiss the bride’. We should pretend to do that.”


6 thoughts on “Harry on the Royal Wedding

  1. I especially like his observation of ‘angels in the choir’. It reminds me of sitting next to my four year old niece a long time ago at her sister’s christening. When the vicar walked in wearing all his regalia she tugged on my sleeve and demanded to know in a very loud voice: “Uncle David, is that God?”

  2. Oh I love it! Especially the bit about you being a beautiful lady all these years… oh, and the ring’s personality. Cuter than ever. 🙂 x

  3. Too adorable!!! I just had to keep Jack from demanding my Ipod every five minutes. **sigh** don’t you realise history is being made in front of your FACE boy!?!?!? LOL!!!

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