On the tip of my… brain

You know when you have a memory of something, but it’s so fleeting that you can’t seem to grab it? Like when a word’s on the tip of your tongue, but, you know, not a word… and not your tongue…? No? Oh.

Well a novel popped into my head earlier and now it’s driving me mad. It’s a teen novel from the 80s (I assume) and I think (though I’m not certain) it was called Apple of My Eye*. I have a vague sense that it may have been free with a magazine (although I’m not even sure they did that back then) and the cover I’m picturing was lilac (maybe) with (perhaps) a pencil drawing of a teenage girl (or, you know, something else…).

Anyone? Bueller? Or – more likely – Luisa?

* It’s not the Apple of My Eye by Helene Hanff or Carla Neggers.


6 thoughts on “On the tip of my… brain

  1. You’ve driven me to my archives (i.e. standing on tiptoes on a chair). Wow, I seem to have every single 80s Heartlines book ever published! And so many books with lilac covers and pencil drawings of teenage girls! But no ‘Apple of My Eye’. I have Google-Eyes by Anne Fine (pencil drawing, etc), and of course Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume (also pencil drawing, etc), but I’m sure it’s not either of those. Do you remember anything about the story at all? US or UK? No? Hmm.
    I’ll keep thinking… 🙂
    I’m pretty sure the magazine freebies started with Just Seventeen in the mid-eighties. I have lots of mag freebie books. Will search through those too. *piles cushions on chair*

    1. Aw, bless you! No, it’s definitely not either of those too. I LOVE the idea of Google-Eyes! You should write that 😀

      Hmm, no, I don’t remember the story yet, but I didn’t remember anything this morning so it may well come to me… Thank you! x

  2. I brought ‘Goggle-Eyes’ home from the school library the other week but I couldn’t get past the ‘marches’ they started going on before I got bored and stopped reading. It was quite an old book, wasn’t it? (80’s or something?)

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