So I’m going to try and do this…

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5 thoughts on “So I’m going to try and do this…

  1. Ooh! That looks v tempting: haven’t drawn anything in a kazillion years. Also I have two books to write which is guaranteed to make me very motivated to make pictures of random things. 🙂

  2. My last attempt at drawing properly (third year art rotation at Weatherhead) saw me narrowly miss out on a detention for drawing a picture of Mickey Mouse for the homework ‘draw someone famous’ it was my dad’s idea as my art work was so crap. For the ‘draw a member of your family’ I drew my budgie. I got away with that one so clearly the teacher was a fan of birds but not mice. Your drawings however are brilliant so I look forward to seeing these!

  3. I’ve allowed Susie to talk me into doing this too, despite the fact (or maybe because of the fact) my artistic talents start and end with stick men! Great idea 🙂

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