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Since I tweet about Harry A LOT and since the Twitter back-up sites don’t seem to be incredibly reliable, I thought I’d start recording his tweets here too. I plan to do a post a week, but since this is the first time I’ve done it, here are ALL of April’s Harry tweets.

Harry, this morning: “When are we going on holiday? I think we need to soon.” And “Maybe next year you can give up the computer for Lent…”

Woken this morning by Harry saying, “I’m having a little internet trouble…” #6yearoldgeek

I’ve just heard Harry tell David: “I’m afraid we eatened all your cheese…”

Harry ran down the canal this morning. When I told him off for going out of my sight, he said, “Er. But you haven’t GOT any sight.” True.

Harry was telling me about boy in his class who’s really good at football. He said, “He’s quite famous as well.” AS WELL!

Harry’s left the following comment on my blog: “on angry birds ham en high 13-7 is tricky” #6yearoldgeek

Harry and Joe are duetting to the 20th Century Fox ident. Harry does the dramatic bits and Joe the inbetween bits. 😀

Harry: “When Joe starts at my school I will be so absolutely proud.” *sniffles*

Have just told Harry it’s bedtime (he’s knackered) and he said, “WHAT? I only just got up!” Yeah, just 13 short hours ago…

Harry: “I spy with my little eye something beginning with cuh. Curly cuh. I’ll give you a clue: Jesus died on one…”

Joe’s just broken Harry’s favourite cup. Harry: “I’ve never been so sad in all my life!”

Harry just asked me to put Firework on. I asked, “By Katy Perry?” and he said, “It’s not KATY Perry! It’s STEVE Perry!” #dontstopbelieving

Harry’s just been looking at my Jessie edits over my shoulder. He said, “You need a capital G for ‘god’.”

Harry’s making his own breakfast, talking to himself. Have just heard “If you eat CHEERIOS you get wi-fi in your own BODY?!” #6yearoldgeek

Think Harry just said “Oh crap” (though it may have been “clap”. Asked him where he’d heard it and he said, “Joe said it.” Hmmm.

Harry’s just told me about a song called “I’m gonna miss my nougat.” It’s You’ll Never Find by Lou Rawls. (i.e. You’re gonna miss my lovin’)

Harry’s on the phone to his grandma: “I’ve been cleaning up all day! Even Middy’s desktop.” Blatant lie!

Harry, through the monitor: “Middy! Come on up! It’s party time!” Really? At 8.20am. *puts kettle on*

Harry, through the baby monitor, “Middy! Joe’s learned a new word! Underpants!” Joe: “nn… da… panz” 🙂

Now Harry’s making a collage. I asked him what pictures he wanted and he said “Angry Birds,… and Jesus.” Obviously.

Me: “What are you going to see tomorrow? Rio? In 3D?” Harry: “Yes. In eye-poppin’ 3D.” 😀

Harry: “Is aliens extinct or real?”

Harry’s just run in with an orange stuck on his thumb, closely followed by Joe, balancing a DVD on a banana #fruitfun

Joe just said Angry Birds – “Aaaa Birrrr” – that’s Harry’s work, that is.

Harry’s trying to get into my password-protected Kindle. He’s just tried “dellasaysomg” That’s not it. Smart kid though. 🙂

Harry shouted “I spelled Angry Birds wrong” in his sleep. Twice!


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  1. I do hope he’ll still love you when he’s older, exposing him like this. From a personal point of view, keep ’em coming and yes, do start on that book! 🙂 x

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