Harry the interior designer

Remember Harry the writer? Well now he’s added interior design to his skills. At the moment, the boys each have their own room, but they’re both basically box rooms. The plan is to knock through (they were actually originally one room, so the dividing wall is just plasterboard) and then completely redo the resulting room. I’d saved a few images myself and then asked Harry what else he wanted. And… ta-da:

Harry is particularly keen on the lava lamp and the Habitat Okko bird alarm clock (bottom middle). I love the Pond Street tree rugpersonalised family ‘house rules’, ‘I’m as big as’ height chart and New York taxi from Habitat (which I’m hoping to find on ebay).

Everything else (from top left to right):

A wall of books
A shared room with beauty and brains
World map
Cath Kidston bunting
Recycled cardboard rocket
Rocket and red flame mirrors
Ikea bedding
Coloured balls coat rack
Pigeon light


2 thoughts on “Harry the interior designer

  1. My girls are doing this at the moment, as they are about to go up to secondary school and want more grown up bedrooms. Eeek! I feel so old.

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