Reading… Fiction Express

Have you seen Fiction Express yet?

It’s such a good idea – there are four books by four different authors and with a new chapter available to download each Friday. Once you’ve read the chapter, you’ve got until Monday to vote on what happens next. Like a choose your own adventure!

I’ve only read one chapter so far – the first chapter of Diary of a Mall Girl by my friend Luisa Plaja. I loved it, as I love all of Luisa’s writing, and I’m really looking forward to reading more.

(By the way, the first chapter is free and you can read subsequent chapters for 59p.)


3 thoughts on “Reading… Fiction Express

  1. Yes, love Louisa’s first 2 chapters. I’m told FictionExpress’ The Soterion Mission is pretty good, too! (Then I would say that, wouldn’t I!)

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