Lost in translation

Harry and I were talking about … actually I’m not even sure what we were talking about – I think it was perhaps about how the weather affects crops and food? Anyway, he asked me about the meteorite – or as he calls it “meatyalite” that hit Africa.

“The one that made the dinosaurs extinct?” I asked him. No idea if that hit Africa, but it seemed the best guess. “That was millions of years ago.”

“No,” he said. “It was this year. The meatyalite hit Africa and lots of people died and you got some money…”

“Ah. Do you mean the earthquake in Japan? That wasn’t caused by a meteorite, no. And I’m not sure, but I think they’re going to be okay for food…”

“Thing is,” Harry said. “In the place where the meatyalite hits, you can only taste meat.”

Well, obviously.