H: “Daddy was jealous.”

Me: “I don’t think so. Do you know what jealous means?”

H: “Yes. It means he didn’t like it.”

Me: “No. Jealous means you want something someone else has got. Like if I gave Joe a biscuit but I didn’t give you one, you’d probably be jealous.”

H, squeaky voice: “Oh! That maked me sad!”

Me: “Why?”

H: “Because you gived Joe a biscuit and not me!”

Me: “I didn’t! It was an example! In fact, yesterday I gave you two biscuits, one for Joe, and you ate both!”

H: “But today you didn’t give me a biscuit! Not even a crumb!”

3 thoughts on “Biscuitgate

  1. “Not even a crumb!”

    Genius. As is your photo-a-day today. You realise your autobiog will have to be called Tapeface, right? With that on the cover?

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