Joe tweets

Last week was Harry catch-up, this week it’s Joe…

Joe just put the teddy I’ve had since birth into his high chair and gave it some toast. Am now singing ‘Circle of Life’ and weeping.

Walked almost 4 miles this morning. Joe exclaimed at tractors, bikes, postmen, vans, trucks, motorbikes, sheep, cows, clouds #toddlerworld

Joe just turned to smile at me with a bouncy ball fully inside his mouth. Nearly gave me a bloody heart attack. Ball in bin, boys in tears.

Me to David: “I don’t know if Harry’s crying about the ball or cos I said Joe could’ve died.” Harry: “I’m crying about the baaaaalllllllll.”

Found the source of the peculiar smell in my office. Aged banana *inside* the old printer. How did that get there? *stares at Joe*

I just said, “I’ve just sat down!” and Joe said, “Juss… sa…downnnnn.” This is how you find out which expressions you overuse.

Joe just requested a book by name for the first time: “Tah mah PEEEEE!” i.e. Time to Pee by Mo Willems (@the_pigeon) Excellent choice.

Joe is now taking everything out of the recycling bin and posting it through the letter box and out into the street. Seems very happy.

Harry and Joe have been playing with a telescope of my dad’s. Harry calls it a “stellascope”

Joe just said his first sentence! “Mama…. more… ‘amm” (That’s “Mama! More ham.”)

Joe leaned towards me for a kiss. I leaned towards him. He rapped me on the bridge of my nose with a teaspoon. #mummyabuse

When Joe sings the Something Special theme song, he moves his hands as if he’s signing. So cute.

I just said, “It’s woeful” and Joe is now singing “woe woe woe your boat…”

Joe just tried to climb out of his high chair. Harry said: “Joe! We’re all not very impressed of you!”


2 thoughts on “Joe tweets

  1. You make having kids sound so entertaining. I do like how you appreciate them as individuals & marvel at their personalities. If every parent did that, the world would be a better place.

    1. What a lovely thing to say, Jackie, thank you! It *is* entertaining – they both make me laugh so much and I still can’t quite believe we’ve got these two little people with, like you say, distinct personalities – and WE MADE THEM! How did we do that?! It’s mind-boggling.

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