Use your Kindle to promote your book

I was just footling around on Twitter, as is my habit, when I saw the lovely author Stephanie Burgis had tweeted a link to some gorgeous Kindle skins. Now I love my Kindle, but looks-wise it is a bit on the dull side, no? So I hopped over to have a look at the skins and while there were some lovely ones, I thought, “You know? I’d like one with my book cover on. Also that would turn my Kindle into an excellent advert if I ever, you know, left the house.” I tweeted this concept to Stephanie and Iffath of fab book blog Love ReadingX sent us a link showing a Kindle skin featuring Josephine Angelini’s book Starcrossed. I immediately Googled “bespoke Kindle skins” and found I uploaded the Jessie ♥ NYC cover and then…

… I’m not going to tell a lie, I squee’d, wiped a tear from my eye and hopped up and down in my seat like a chimp. Then I made one for Stephanie:

And then did one for Della Says: OMG:

Fabulous, right? Obviously I haven’t ordered one yet so don’t know what they’re like in reality, but they cost just £14.99 (plus £2.95 postage) so it’s definitely worth a try. I’ll order one asap and report back.


14 thoughts on “Use your Kindle to promote your book

  1. They’re amazing! I don’t have a clue what I would choose though if I got one, there are so many ideas that spring to mind straight away.

  2. You should definitely buy both of those!!! I’m so tempted to buy one for my future-Kindle. With my face on it of course. xD

  3. That looks so fab! Unfortunately I have neither a book cover or a kindle :-/

    However, if I ever get a kindle, I’ll happily put a skin on it of one of your books until I have my own! 😀

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