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Old-timey Harry pic...

Since every time I tweet or facebook something Harry’s said, someone says, “I hope you’re writing these down!” I went back through my facebook status updates and copied all the Harry quotes. Yes, I am supposed to be writing a new book, why d’you ask?

Anyway, there are loads, but here’s five to begin with. And, yes, I’ll be posting these until I’ve done ’em all.


This morning I was telling Harry that they’re building a Premier Inn in Wallasey, so we’ll be able to stay there when we visit Aunty Lea. He got all dreamy-eyed and said, “I’d like to go to bed now and dream about the Premier Inn… the comfy bed… the cafe… the sun shining through the window… beautiful.”


Where we’re going on holiday, there’s no internet or mobile reception. “So!” Harry said, “that means NO FACEBOOK OR TWITTER! You’ll just have to do colouring!”


Me to Harry: “Why are you poking me with a train track?” Harry: “Because I want another child in your tummy.”

Me: “So you’re poking me with train track?”

Harry: “Yes! Get another kid out.”


I confiscated Harry’s Pingu house cos he kept throwing it around. And then we had this conversation:

Harry: “Where is the Pingu house?”

Me: “Antarctica.”

Harry: “First of all, it’s a toy – it doesn’t have real penguins in it. And second of all, you are a doofus, toy penguins don’t live there! And third of all, it’s a Pingu house!”


I bought some Jellyatrics – old people jelly babies – for my dad*. Harry asked what they were yesterday. This morning, he (Harry) rubbed his tummy and said, “Hmmm. Feels like I need some old people to chew with…”

* This status was before Dad died, obv. Buying jelly sweets for him now would just be weird.


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