So my 40s have started very well…

I woke up early yesterday and, after David went downstairs with Harry, looked at Twitter on my phone (What? Obsessed? Don’t be daft…). There was a tweet from my lovely friend Diane with a link to this.

Diane set up a website and got lots of wonderful people to say lovely things about me for my birthday. When I first saw it I laughed. Then I gasped. Then I cried and cried. It’s possibly the most amazing thing anyone’s every done for me and I can’t thank everyone involved enough.

A bit later, David and Harry came back with cards and presents and tea.

I’d asked for money and vouchers from family. The presents above are all from online friends. Online friends I’ve met (apart from one), but friends I originally got to know on the internet. Isn’t that amazing? And just LOOK at the presents! How well do they know me? Seriously, David couldn’t have got me a more perfect pile of pressies (in fact, he texted me to ask if I preferred dark or milk chocolate). Just wonderful. (Ag! Forgot to say THANK YOU! To Diane and Maz, Erin, Anne-Marie, Jenni, Helen, Kate and Debs. I love you all.)

Once we’d all snuggled in bed for a while, we went to Manchester, had lunch, went to Build-a-Bear and the Apple Store (whose birthday was it?!) and then on the wheel.


(Harry’s laughing because David was pretending to be scared… at least, I think he was pretending.)

Back home again, we rounded off a top day by watching Little Howard’s Big Question and Friday Night Lights (the first with the boys, the second without).


And THANK YOU for all your comments on yesterday’s post – again, I was blown away. Thank you.


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  1. Am I the *one* you haven’t met yet? I’m still worried you might just be a virtual but fabulous figment of my imagination!

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