Harry and Joe tweets


The last couple of weeks in tweets…

Harry just asked me to explain why I call myself “Ms”. Was telling him about fairness and equality… when an ad for Mega Blocks came on and he said, “Yeah okay. Be quiet now.”

On the upside, it wasn’t the Mega Blocks he was interested in, it was Katy Perry’s Firework playing in the background. #swingsandroundabouts

Joe’s just dropped a chocolate digestive in the bath. He’s going to come out dirtier than he went in.

Just heard Harry crying. When I went in he said, “I”ve been dreaming about naughty words… with some sad bits at the end.” 😦

Told Harry he should lie on the sofa and have a snooze. Did he want to watch something relaxing? He picked Total Wipeout.

Joe just called me “Middy” and then corrected himself. Harry calls me Middy, Joe calls me Mama!

Yesterday Harry sang me a bit of a song and asked if I knew it. I didn’t. He’s just found it on YouTube: Now You’re Gone by Basshunter.

Joe helping me bake. If yelling “Mixing! MIXING! MIXING!” then trying to throw a step-stool at me is helping

Note from Harry: “You are my best mum imagine tat weer not you are the best mum.” I don’t know what “imagine tat” is about, but *sniff*

Harry: “Do you know this song?” [sings ‘The Vengabus is coming’] Me: “Yes.” Harry: “Can you put it on my Spotify?” #6yearoldgeek

Harry just looked at the drawing I did for yesterday’s challenge and said, “That’s a beautiful drawing.” *sniffle*

How much do I love that Harry pronounces “recognise” “necorize”? #lots


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