I ♥ my shiny book

Look what arrived on Saturday…

So shiny I can almost see my face - well, my camera - in it!

18 thoughts on “I ♥ my shiny book

  1. That is fantastic! I can’t wait for mine to arrive. It looks amazing. When I got a piece published in Scotland on Sunday the other week, I felt all thrilled, just for that. This is in a whole different league. You have every right to feel very proud and pleased with yourself.

    What happens after Jessie? Have you another book in the pipeline?

  2. It’s quite beautiful Keris…. I reckon it will really stand out on the store bookshelves.
    Having loved OMG, I so look forward to reading this one – but will have to get in the queue behind my daughter!
    Congratulations! x

  3. Oh, so shiny! Am naughtily hoping my copy arrives a bit early now. I’ll totally take a self-portrait in the cover 🙂

  4. Ooh, tres shiny! What is the book sellers equivalent term for kerb appeal, because that’s what it has. It will jump off the shelf.

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