You’ve may have already seen this because I’ve seen it in a few places, but when Kurt Andersen took over as editor of New York Magazine, he wrote a list of all the words he found annoying and told his staff not to use them. Click to embiggen. {via A Cup of Jo}

I then found – via Tumblr, but I’m not sure who, sorry – etymologie, which is a gorgeous blog all about words, obviously.

What’s your favourite word?* And your least favourite word?** And have you been singing that FR David song since reading the title of this post***?

* Joy. Discombobulated. Dingbat.

** Moist. Pus. Clnge (misspelled in attempt to prevent sp@m).

*** Words. Don’t come easy… to me. How can I find a way… to make you see… I love you. Words don’t come easy.


8 thoughts on “Words

  1. I HATE the word ‘Moist’ too! It ranks in the lower echelons of wordage along with ‘Probe’ and ‘Gob’.

    I’m quite fond of ‘Bellicose’.

  2. I love discombobulated too. Also like outstanding and bewildered. Do not like the words belly, gob or smoke. I don’t know why! Also I cannot stand the word ‘like’ when used in this way ‘it was, like, a really long way’ – so similar to a long way but not actually a long way. Not sure if that counts? Oh and I had the Boyzone song in my head when I read the piece.

  3. There is a certain swear word used to describe a lady’s special that makes me cringe everytime I hear it. It rhymes with hunt! I swear I slap people who use it in my presence.

    My favourite word is Serendipity of course!

    1. Ha! I know the one… I think I possibly hate the other one – the one that could also be used to describe a cat – even more.

      And I LOVE the word serendipity too.

  4. I love ‘obsidian’ and ‘chaos’.

    Agree ‘panties’ is awful! And I hate the one that describes a cat, but the one that rhymes with ‘hunt’ I don’t mind at all.

  5. I love Claire’s word for the ladypart, ‘Fandango’ and we had a wonderful time using it recently when someone in our house had Thrush, bless her.
    I hate the word ‘bitch’ because it was used to describe me frequently by a parent.
    ‘Panties’ is borderline paedophillic, isn’t it?

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