Reading… It’s a Jungle Out There by Jennifer Ward

I really enjoyed this book. Sharing nature with your child/ren is such a lovely idea and the execution is charming, with simple text and sweet illustrations.

I loved that it was separated into seasons – Harry seems to really enjoying noting the changing seasons and there are really wonderful ideas for making the most of the weather and your environment.

It’s packed with great ideas we can use to liven up our walks to and from school and there’s also stuff to do if the weather finds you stuck in the house (like we were for most of last summer…).

I also really liked the short ‘Plant the Seed’ asides – so easy to just open the book at random and find a quick and easy idea for something both educational and fun.

Example: Keep a journal with your child, noting the evolution of your habitat. You might make sketches, take photos, and record important dates that are memorable.

Such a simple idea, but not something I would have thought of on my own.

The book is aimed at “urban” families, but I think it would work just as well whatever your environment (you don’t even need a garden: Joe’s spent the past week fascinated by a spider that keeps wandering up and down our living room wall and the ants on the front path!).


2 thoughts on “Reading… It’s a Jungle Out There by Jennifer Ward

  1. Thanks for this! Am adding it to my pinterest board – will have to spend my next book vouchers on it, I think!

  2. I applaud anything that gets kids connected to the natural world & this one seems very down-to-earth. I agree with Harry that the changing seasons are fascinating. I don’t think I could live in the South or anywhere that it didn’t get cold for part of the year.
    Maybe Joe will grow up to be an entomologist?

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