I actually saw a female photographer described online as a “photographeress” – ridic. Anyway. I’m not claiming to be a photographer(ess), but I did want to rave about my new(ish) camera. We had a Kodak Easyshare for years, but then it packed up. I managed for ages with the (crappy) camera on my phone and then finally bought myself a Samsung PL150.

I wanted a camera I could charge, rather than having to change batteries and I also wanted one that was small(ish) but not flimsy (I tried another camera first and it felt like a toy – I didn’t like it at all). But I won’t lie to you, the main thing that convinced me to buy this particular camera was the dual display. If you’re taking a picture of yourself, you can see it on the screen on the front of the camera before you take it. Genius.  (You can also get a little animated clown on the screen, which is meant to make babies smile for the camera, but actually makes Joe do a “WTF is that?!” face.

Anyway. Here are some of the lovely photos I’ve taken with it:



And just because I love it – a photo of me and Harry from this morning:


15 thoughts on “Photographeress

  1. ‘photographeress’ sounds mysterious if not uber sexist…! Gorgeous photos! I lost my brilliant Sony cybershot camera in Dublin in April…so sad. But I need to take photos of pretty things and people rather than only charging it for nights out… Oh! Keep a close watch on your charger… They sneakily tend to not sell the specific one for individual cameras. I had to buy a universal one and it was rubbish! (no I didn’t lose that too my potential MIL stole it)

  2. Love the photo of Harry and you – you look so young! And also, with lovely specs 🙂 x

  3. I love that one of you and Harry! We have a samsung too, and I really like it, except one of the girls has broken the screen so there are three big black blobs on it. Doesn’t affect hte photos, though, thank goodness!

    1. Thanks! Yes, one or both of my boys was responsible for the demise of the Kodak. The shutter wouldn’t close because it seemed to have jam in it…

  4. I love the idea of a front display thing, don’t know why no-one’s thought of that before.
    (What did you think of the Starbucks cake pop? I was not a fan. Though they’re super pretty.)

    1. I’ve only tried the pink cake pop and I love it. But it does taste like raw cookie dough, so I appreciate some people may not like that. (I love raw cookie dough.)

      1. Yes, I think that’s what bothered me about it (I had the same one), I expected it to taste like cake, but it didn’t. It was so… dense. I love cookie dough ice cream, but this didn’t taste like that either. Ah well, it was nice to look at.

  5. Wow, that takes really nice photos, clear & colorful. Is that Joe next to the dandelion seeds or another toddler? The one of you & Harry made me smile.

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