More Harry & Joe fb

(I think that using the f word – not that one – got my last post picked up by lots of blog content thieves – so I’m trying an abbreviation instead.)

Harry: “There’s an advert for Pampers Baby Dry. It gets your baby to sleep and when the sun comes up it wakes it up!” Hmm. Not sure that’s quite what they were trying to convey…

Joe just saw David Beckham on the Kinect ad and said “Football!” even though Beckham didn’t have a football and, to our knowledge, Joe’s never seen Beckham before.

Harry: “Do you know why I watch Tom & Jerry and why I love it? First, why I love it: because it’s got a cat and a mouse in it. And now why I watch it: because I love it.” Fair enough.

The new computer is here! In the words of Harry, “It’s so beautiful…” I read “Designed by Apple in California” and H said, “California! That’s a long way away from Blackburn!” In so many ways…

Harry: “Can you go on Strictly Come Dancing?”
Me: “I wish. You have to be famous.”
Harry: “Maybe you could get famous.”
Me: “Maybe. I wouldn’t bank on it, though.”
Harry: “I know! Maybe you’ll get famous from writing books!”