Jessie ♥ the Empire State Building

“When it was built,” Jessie said, as they waited for the traffic to slow, “it had a pole on top that was supposed to be for tying hot air balloons to.”

Emma looked confused.

“No. Not hot air balloons. Those things like blimps? But that you could travel in?”

“A zeppelin? Like the Hindenberg?” Emma said. They’d learned about the Hindenberg at school. Their history teacher, Mr Baldwin, had been a bit obsessed by it.

“Yes!” Jessie said. “Dad’s got a paperweight of the building with a blimp attached. I think mum bought it for him.”



2 thoughts on “Jessie ♥ the Empire State Building

  1. I was just reading about that very thing in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Jessie better not be as sad as that was). Not long now!

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