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Because I spend so much time footling around online without actually having to really concentrate, I tend to have various TV shows running in the corner of the computer (I pause them when I actually have to read or write something). This is what I’ve been watching this week:

30 Rock. I love it. Yes, it’s hit and miss, but lines like Liz’s “I’m wearing a Duane Reade bag as underwear today” make me laugh out loud. I also love that Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin’s characters are friends with no sexual tension at all.

Dancing with the Stars. The latest season wasn’t shown here, but it’s been pretty good. And it’s excellent background TV cos I can tune out all the in-between waffle and just watch the dances. I loved this one (skip to the start of the dance at 2:30 unless you want to see the bit where Kym almost broke her neck. Even though I knew about it, I still shrieked when I saw the video):


Modern Family. My lovely friend Stella said I’d love it. She was right.

Parks and Recreation. I’m not really getting it so far – it’s okay, but it hasn’t made me laugh out loud – but I’m only on the third episode and I’ve heard things really pick up in Season Two. I’m sticking with it (if only for Rob Lowe!).

The Big Bang Theory. I’m watching this for sekrit researchy reasons, but I am actually enjoying it. I do love Johnny Galecki (and Sara Gilbert, obv).

What are you watching?


8 thoughts on “Square eyes

  1. I can’t enthuse enough about Modern Family! Can’t decide who my favourite character is as I love them all. Although Gloria is a scream! It makes me laugh and sometimes cry. Loved the episode when Jay met Mitchell’s friends. Had to pause it because I was laughing so much…Perfect viewing.

  2. That was terrifying. How on earth did she go on to dance after that accident. I’d have needed hot sweet tea, fuss, love and chocolates for weeks. I sometimes have Youtube playing old songs but I can’t watch and work. I wonder if all this multi tasking is taking its toll on us!

  3. I love Modern Family!! a lot of the shows I watch have all finished i.e. CSI, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice =[ So I’m sulking and rewatching all of Supernatural!

  4. Please stick with Parks & Rec! It doesn’t get laugh out loud til series 2, but it gets SO GOOD by series 3. Rob Lowe and actually more so, Adam Scott, are amazeballs additions. And it’s got some great sneaky feminism. (Where else would a beauty pageant judge be looking for “Knowledge of Herstory” and the “Naomi Wolf Factor”?)

    It’s also far less farcical than 30 Rock, which makes me like it better. I have got more into 30 Rock lately, though. I still think the first series was rubbish, and I hate Tracy Jordan’s scenes, and it gets too stupid, and its portrayals of disabled people never fail to be offensive. But if it was just scenes with Liz and Jack, I think it might be the best programme ever. Alec Baldwin is so brilliant and their friendship is really convincing. I loved the eps where they went to her reunion and to his corporate retreat.

    I watched the first ep of Modern Family and wasn’t a fan, though I know a lot of people are. I recently read an article about how Happy Endings (yes) was more sophisticated in its portrayal of gay relationships, and they weren’t wrong. (It’s also pretty funny.) I only made it through one ep of Big Bang, and haaaaated it. But I love Sara Gilbert and Kaley Cuoco.

    (BT dubs, if your secret research is about what it’s like to hang out with an engineer boyfriend and his geeky scientist friends, I can help you out…) 😉

    Have you watched Community yet? I’m v grateful Anne-Marie introduced me to it. It’s so clever and funny, one of the most original and ambitious sitcoms of all time. And I LOVE Cougar Town. I’m also knee-deep in a depressing but somehow gripping series of Private Practice (s3) and I’m really sad that The Good Wife just ended. (Though it’s coming back, thank god.) I’m still watching Desperate Housewives, because although it is repetitive (how many times can Lynette humiliate Tom, then be criticised for being a “ballbuster”?) and often sexist, it has some fantastic moments of comedy.

    OK, this got way too long, but you *did* ask.

    1. Oh, and Pretty Little Liars! So good. Yet so scary to wimps like me. (I find the opening credits so creepy I have to slam my eyes shut.) Oh, and Hellcats. Cheerleaders! Silliness! Man, I need a hobby.

  5. Oh my god! Was there any need to show Kym’s accident in slo-mo?
    There’s only 2 shows on series link on our Sky+, Cougar Town & Modern Family.

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