What I’ve been reading…

(Un)like a Virgin by Lucy Anne Holmes

I really loved this book. Holmes’s debut 50 Ways to Find a Lover is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read and (Un)like a Virgin made me laugh a lot too, but it also made me cry (and come out with a sweary expression I’ve never heard nor used before!). I didn’t want it to end and I missed the main character, Gracie Flowers, after I’d stopped reading. Lovely.

Angels by Marian Keyes

I read this when it came out, but for some reason didn’t remember it being one of her best. I took it on hols to reread (for a sekrit reason!) and absolutely loved it. Actually think it might be one of her best! It made me want to reread all the Walsh books.

Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe

My lovely friend Jenni bought me this for my birthday and I actually squeed when I saw it. I have loved Rob Lowe for – gasp – 26 years and, judging by the cover, he’s as hot as he ever was. The book isn’t as gossipy as I was hoping – he tends to gloss over the really juicy bits in his quest to be positive and see lessons in everything. And so, for instance, his sex tape is mentioned, but only in passing and only as the catalyst for him getting sober and changing his life – nothing about how he felt (ashamed? humiliated?).

He also has a really irritating habit with a celebrity anecdote. There were loads that went something like this: “This tiny woman came in, she looked like a boy and she was wearing school uniform. She was a powerhouse of a person and we had a blast together. As we said goodbye, I told her, ‘You, Jimmy Krankie, are fandabidozi!'” (I made that example up. Can you tell? 😉 ) But in the main, I loved it. And it made me want to re-watch all his films. Especially About Last Night *drools a little bit*

What are you reading? 


9 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading…

  1. I think Angels is my second favorite of Keyes’ Walsh books, with Watermelon being my favorite. But I love all of her books!

    I’m reading a new-to-me author, Ayelet Waldman, Red Hook Road. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. I finished The Hunger Games trilogy Sunday, and I’m still sad that its over and that there isn’t another book in the series to read.

    1. I haven’t read any Ayelet Waldman – I think she wrote a memoir that I thought about reading (but didn’t)…

      I’ve only read the first Hunger Games book and LOVED it. Saving the others for when I’m in the mood. Or the film’s come out, whichever comes first.

  2. Yeah, I read a review that said Lowe’s book was a name-dropping extravaganza, but I guess I’d be the same if I knew a lot of well-known people. 😉
    I’ve been reading this book called Jessie Hearts NYC… maybe you’ve heard of it?

    1. I don’t mind the name-dropping – that’s a bit part of the reason for reading it! – it’s the WAY he does it: a tease at the beginning and then the reveal… when you’ve already worked out who it is. And you know that’s not how it really happened, because that would be weird.

  3. Angels was the first Marian Keyes book I read after it was given away free on the front of a magazine I bought a few years ago to take on holiday 🙂 I really enjoyed it & love reading her books. I need to make a list though and make sure I haven’t missed any out!

    Like Diane I have also been reading a shiny new book called Jessie Hearts NYC – its fab!

  4. Is Angels the one set in Los Angeles? I’ve read them all but can’t recall the plot of that one right now. I cried at ‘Is there Anybody There’ – like a baby. At the end.
    I also loved ’50 Ways’ (although I cringed at every *bad* swear word) and will def. look out for this one. Speaking of ‘Jessie etc’, I was in Tesco today and they didn’t have it. Bastards!

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