Back to reality

Friday lunchtime I went to Preston for the Lancashire Book of the Year Awards. Yesterday just after lunch I headed home. So I was gone for just over 24 hours and Preston’s only 20 minutes away, but I feel like I’ve been away for a week. I’ve got that discombobulated feeling when you come home from holiday, have to get back to reality and aren’t quite sure what day it is.

So I’m not really up to writing a blog post about it yet, but fortunately the Bookwitch has summarised yesterday’s event beautifully with wonderful photos too (I’ve only got one slightly dingy camera phone shot from Friday afternoon).

So while I try to get my brain back in gear, here’s a really wonderful video on how to stay creative:

{video via Not Your Average Ordinary}


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    1. Thank you!

      And Hilary and I were talking about how every time we go to comment on a blog post, you’ve got there first… 😉

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