What I did on my book birthday

After Della came out last year, a couple of people asked me how I’d celebrated publication day… and I couldn’t remember. I know I voted (it was the day of the General Election), but apart from that, not a clue. So this year I wanted to make sure that a) I did something and b) I documented it!

I’d arranged to meet some friends in Manchester for lunch, but set off straight after the school run so I could go and bother my book 🙂

Here it is in WH Smiths, Piccadilly. Pretty. I was really hungry so I treated myself to a book birthday doughnut.

So then, stuffing my doughnut down my throat, I scooted down to Waterstone’s Deansgate to meet my friend Zoe. And look at my book.

Then I dragged poor Zoe to the other branch of Waterstone’s to look at it there as well…

Book-bothering done, we walked over to Yang Sing where we met Anstey and Jacqui, ate lovely dim sum, drank (very) lovely wine and had a really good laugh. Jacqui and Zoe had to go home, but Anstey and I went to see a one woman show by her friend Lucia Cox. I had no idea what to expect, but it was wonderful. So amazing that I knew nothing about it, probably wouldn’t have thought of going to see it if I had, but then absolutely loved it. (Thanks, Anstey!)

From there we walked to a nearby bar for Happy Hour (we were there for more than an hour, I’m sure). I had some cocktails, which was, in retrospect, a mistake, but what the hell. I went to loo to phone home and say goodnight to Harry and Joe, only for David to tell me about the News of the World. Gobsmacked.

Once Happy Hour(s) was over, we stumbled up to Deansgate for tapas. More lovely food, more laughter and, in my slightly hazy memory, me wittering on like a giddy chimp. Oh dear.

I staggered over to Victoria for the last train home. This picture is blurred because I had my camera on the wrong setting, but it’s probably a fairly accurate representation of my own vision by that point.

I fell asleep on the train. Luckily my stop was the last, but someone still had to wake me up. Embarrassing. So I went out for lunch and got home at midnight. Dirty stop out. I had a fabulous time though, and I’ll definitely remember it if anyone asks.

(I was slightly ropey this morning – and between 3 and 4.30am when I was WIDE AWAKE – but I feel much better now. It’s amazing what Panadol, cheese on toast and a three mile walk to school and back will do for a person…)


18 thoughts on “What I did on my book birthday

  1. Oh it was a great day! And you didn’t drag me anywhere, I was overjoyed at seeing your book on display, it was wonderful and made me so very, very happy!

  2. I do that “wide awake” thIng too when a hangover is looming. If you’re interested, a doc’s daughter once told me it’s coz your liver is processing the last of the alcohol and sends a sugar rush through your system. I loathe it.

    Many congrats on book birthday. May Jessie be read by *everybody*! x

    1. Ugh. Whatever it is, it’s a pain in th’arse. I was seized with the urge to delete some Twitter lists and then watched a couple of episodes of Friends…

  3. What a great day to celebrate! All the food, drinks & book displays sounds fun. Nice selection of doughnuts, too. 🙂

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