One of Those Nights*

* this is the title of a Bucks Fizz song, in case you didn’t know. You’re welcome!

Okay so me and my sis went down to that London on Monday. After getting a bit lost and confused and walking twice the distance we needed to (what can I say? It’s a long time since I lived there!) we went to our hotel. Well. It was the EasyHotel (you know, like EasyJet) and only cost £58 for the night (for the two of us) and so we weren’t expecting much, but we actually got even less than we expected. I kept saying “All we need is a bed” and that’s all we got. The room was completely empty apart from the bed: no bedside tables, no pictures on the walls, not even a carpet. It was a little prison-esque. (There’s a bathroom like the bathroom on a plane. That was fine. Although so small I actually sprayed deodorant in my ear.) It was fine, you know, cos we did only need it for sleeping, but still. (And, yes, there was a TV, but you had to pay extra to use it!)

Once we’d dropped our bags we headed uptown and met up with Shoegal and her sister (who were also there for the Fizz) before meeting our friend Peter (and his friends) at the Palladium. Because Peter is lovely, he’d got us VIP tickets, so we went up to the bar, got our glasses of Buck’s Fizz and goody bags and then…

I KNOW! We only spoke to her for a minute, but she was lovely. We had a short chat with Mike too, but Jay disappeared before we could say hello and of course you all know that Bobby is in an entirely different Bucks Fizz (a shite one).

And then it was time for the show. They were supported by Bjorn Again who I used to work for and have seen loads of times and they were great, as usual. (Fave Bjorn Again story is when I took my mother-in-law to see them. In the interval she looked around and said, “Isn’t it nice to see all these men here without their wives.”)

I was actually a bit worried Bjorn Again would be better than Bucks Fizz – I’d heard reports of Bucks Fizz shows that were a bit… unrehearsed – but they were really great. It’s such a weird feeling, watching them singing the same songs and doing the same dance routines as they did when I was 10, 11, 12, 13 and completely obsessed. They really were such a massive part of my life and I find nostalgia almost too painful at the best of times. But I managed to hold myself together, have a good sing, and do a bit of celebrity spotting (Jeni Barnett! Martin Lewis! Katie Derham (although now I’m starting to think it might not have been her, but I’m usually right about these things)! Denise Welch! Some bloke in a stripy suit who I know I recognised, but couldn’t begin to tell you where from! Colin Fry!)

Anyway. Loved it. And I’ve got the t-shirt (from my goody bag) to prove it.


12 thoughts on “One of Those Nights*

  1. Ooh, nice picture! (Didn’t you meet them before, ages ago? Or am I imagining it?) I love the story of Bjorn Again and your MIL. (Between her, your Nan, and your boys, you could release a funny quotes book…)

      1. Ha, that is so my new superhero name! And that is a whole lot of hair 🙂 Love it.

        I’ve just been reading about them on Wikipedia (oh dear) and Mike could have died! Scary stuff. Also, they’ve had a lot of legal battles, eh?

  2. Sounds fab! I remember going to see them (so many) years ago. Glad you had a good time x

  3. Yes, Diane – the crash was really terrible. That was when I first heard the expression “last rites”, I remember asking my parents what it meant (and crying when they told me). Mike never fully recovered, still has a lot of problems as a result.

  4. Colin Fry!!! I’m absolutely amazed – he’s usually faaaahhh too busy to take time off from his psychic touring and consulting. I’ve seen him twice on stage but he never had any messages for me. I don’t think I’m going to be going to see him again – no offence though! 🙂 x

  5. Oh soz, this post was really about Bucks Fizz! Never mind… I love the photos though – are you sure your sister isn’t related to Denise Welch/Welsh? Your hotel room, btw, very reminiscent of one I stayed in in Paris (yes, it was a cheapo hol!). There WAS somewhere to hang my clothes though – a rail like in T K Maxx! Looks like you had a telly? I did too but obvs no time to sit watching. 😉

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