Dream house (yes, another one)

If I was* to draw a picture of my perfect house, it might well look a lot like this. I love the windows and the porch and the colour. I mean, just LOOK at the porch!

I would actually quite like to spend the next couple of hours (while Joe’s in bed) reading outside, but I don’t have anywhere to read (we’ve got a garden, but it’s completely overgrown, covered in cat poo – we haven’t got a cat – and one of the fence panels blew down a while ago and so there’s a sort of serving hatch through to next door. Not relaxing). This porch would be a perfect reading nook.

And look at the setting:

And it’s described thus:

Bella Rosa is a distinctive cottage home at Conover Commons, the award winning Built Green community. Enjoy morning coffee on your front porch, stroll along the path through lush gardens and neighboring cottages. The home is drenched in natural light with exquisite design details throughout. Large kitchen, 3 bedrooms each with bath. A library nook and top floor loft den. Private backyard.

Library nook? Oh yes.

And there’s a sun room! I really want a sun room (also for reading). Although that chair looks like it’d be a bit sweaty.

{via Hooked on Houses}

It’s not quite as perfect as my wildly improbable Dream House, but it’s a little bit more realistic…


7 thoughts on “Dream house (yes, another one)

    1. No, Washington State, i.e. half an hour from Seattle. We actually really loved Washington when we were there (10 years ago), but not a hope of moving there. 😦

  1. Where is it? Is it in England? I want to live there too. We could converse over coffee about books from either side of the pathway and not leave our houses.

    1. Oh wouldn’t that be AMAZING! I do love the setting as much as the house. It works out at £418,000 so it ain’t cheap (but I’ve seen much crappier houses here for a lot more than that!)

    1. We’ve been talking on Twitter about buying all the houses and setting up as a writers’ community. You in? *buys EuroMillions ticket*

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