Boy quotes (part 7)

Man came from United Utilities (to fix blocked drain). His van had a flashing orange light on top. Joe’s last words before bed: “Bye, Nee-naw man…” Joe’s first words this morning: “Nee-naw man?”


Just slung H in his room after a massive tantrum (him, not me). He came down to apologise. I said, “How do I know you’re really sorry and you’re not just saying that so you can come downstairs?” He said, “That’s what I was planning, yes.” Oh I’ll be sad when he realises he doesn’t have to tell the truth. 😉


David just got halfway upstairs only to spot Harry – who went to bed at 7 – sitting, cross-legged and silent, on the landing. Think the shock may have turned the rest of D’s hair grey…


Harry: “Can I have an ice cream?”

Me: “I don’t think so.”

Harry: “But I said sorry!”

Me: “Just because you said sorry, doesn’t mean you can have a treat.”

Harry: “But in movies they say sorry and then they smile and get a treat!”


Harry to Joe: “Joe, can you say ‘red’? Can you say ‘yellow’? ‘Blue’? ‘Green’? Can you say ‘pink’? Now. This is a hard one. Can you say ‘Kate Middleton’?”


The iPod is missing.

Me: “So who had it last?”

Harry: “Joe.”

Me: “And who gave it to Joe?”

Harry: “I did.”

Me: “So whose responsibility is it to find it?”

Harry: “Yours.”


Me, Harry, Joe sitting in the Skoda to say goodbye (well, I was cleaning it, but whatever). Harry said to Joe: “I’ll drive. You just sit there and look gorgeous.”