10 years ago today…

I wrote this in my diary:

We got up at 4.45am and were at Manchester Airport for 6.20. When we checked in we were told our flight was delayed and we’d miss our connection so they put us on an earlier flight – which was also delayed. It got us in slightly earlier than the original would have. We’re now on the San Francisco plane, where we’ve been for about 6 hours with 4 more to go! I’ve been reading English Passengers and watched The Mexican.

Wow. Gripping stuff, eh? Not the most exciting first entry into the diary of our Big Trip… We’d planned to spend three months in America, travelling up and down the west coast before getting a train across the top and then travelling down the east coast. Unfortunately, the exchange rate was a complete bastard and we realised fairly early on that our money wasn’t going to last, but we had six completely fabulous weeks. I can’t quite believe it was ten years ago (but also, in the way of memories, I absolutely can) and I really hope we get to do something similar in the relatively near future (this time with two small-ish boys in tow, obviously).

Anyway, I’m going to try to transfer everything from my diary (and David’s “notes”, assuming I can read them) on to here, with accompanying photos. I’ve been meaning to do that for years, so the 10 year anniversary is probably as good a time as any. I’ll try not to bore you all too much…

{The photo is the inside front page of the notebook I took with me: stupid pic of me and D, my sister and eldest nephew, Christopher Eccleston (what?!), graduation pic with my friends Caroline and Kathryn [and awful glasses] and one of me and Mum.}


5 thoughts on “10 years ago today…

  1. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! I was just wondering (as ever…) where did you have to connect? I, for one, think it sounds VERY interesting, not at all boring, and wish you wouldn’t be so scornful of the author! (What WOULD be boring is if you had lived your life exactly as planned. Don’t you think it’s more exciting/interesting that you had to change your plans and think on your feet? ‘cos I do! You enjoyed yourselves so much in California for six whole weeks! That’s more than lots of other peeps will ever do.) You are one lucky person, Keris Stainton!! πŸ™‚ x

    1. Thanks! We had to connect at Amsterdam, which was a bit annoying since we flew back over Manchester about six hours after we’d originally set off from there!

      I’m not saying the trip was boring (it was not) but I would have hoped I’d have something more interesting to write about the first day of an adventure than ‘our new flight got us in earlier than our original flight would have’.

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