San Francisco: 23 July 2001

Had another great cable car ride and then got the bus for the Haight-Ashbury tour, which was fabulous.

Walked to Golden Gate Park and relaxed with a Sunday paper (which I insisted on buying out of one of those coin boxes I’ve seen on TV), a Subway* sandwich and a glass of wine while listening to the San Francisco Symphony. We talked about what we’d miss if we never went home – Jonathan Ross on Saturday mornings on Radio 2 and The Observer (the paper we bought was rubbish).

Got the bus all the way back to Fort Mason and had dinner in the hotel room. After dinner, walked up Lombard Street (famous twisty street) and got the cable car back down.

* We were emailing friends while we were away and talked a lot about Subway sandwiches. We didn’t have Subway in the UK back then and lots of places in San Francisco did 2 for 1 vouchers, so we ate them a lot. After we got home a friend of mine asked me about them and when I told him, said, “I thought you meant sandwiches you found on the subway! I was really worried…”


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  1. We biked it over the bridge and into Sausilito with every intention of getting the ferry back. Unfortunately the ferry only held 30 bikes and there was about 100 in the queue in front of us so we had to bike it back! Hideous!

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