San Francisco: 24 July 2001

Went for a cup of tea and a divine chocolate truffle then used the internet at the library for free! Walked up to Chinatown and did the walking tour, which was great – went to a fortune cookie factory. Then we went to the car hire place – realised yesterday that we’re booked in here until Wednesday, but the car isn’t booked until Thursday – no problem to get it a day early and the man claimed they’d only take $1 deposit. We’ll see. 

Walked back down to the park, but by then the fog was rolling in and it was getting chilly (one of the tour guides told us that Mark Twain once said*, “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.”). Came back to the hotel for a read and a nap and then set off back to Chinatown for dinner. Went to a really basic Chinese that the tour guide recommended and it was nice – if a little too spicy – but the bill was a nasty shock. Can’t get used to the tax and we guessed they must’ve added a tip on as well. Just in case they hadn’t, as soon as the door closed behind us, I ran up the street, to the accompaniment of a homeless guy shouting “Run, Baby, run!” 

* He didn’t.