San Francisco: 25 July 2001

Did the North Beach walk yesterday – better late than never. It was good – very evocative of how it must have been in the past.*

We got a(nother) Subway for lunch then walked up to Russian Hill to find ‘Barbary Lane’. It wasn’t like I imagined – in fact, it was much nicer, more leafy. These lanes must be amazing places to live. There were two other couples there looking – one gay, one straight 🙂 Wanted to buy the book but it was too expensive. Exhausted after climbing all those hills, we came back to the hotel.

Headed out later to the free screening of Made, the new Jon Favreau/Vince Vaughn film. Had a McDonalds (there was nothing else there) then went to the cinema. On the ticket it said to get there early – we got there half an hour early and there was a massive queue. We didn’t get in so decided to get the bus to Treasure Island to see the view and maybe the sunset and the skyline in the dark.

Photo from Treasure Island San Francisco

Treasure Island was a naval base – apparently no longer – but the naval housing and buildings are still there and it’s like a ghost town. Really weird. Every now and then you’d see people – a group of kids outside what was presumably a community centre, another group of kids doing what looked like ceremonial drumming (!), but then nothing. It was a bit creepy. The view would be amazing on a clear day, but it was (of course) foggy and it wasn’t very impressive – it also didn’t get dark in time.

We got the streetcar back and went to see the seals at Pier 39. They were swimming, what looked like dancing, and making a terrible racket – very cute. 

* Snort!

I’m such a Pollyanna – David’s diary for this day is a real moanfest! 🙂