San Francisco to Santa Cruz: 26 July 2001

Went to Mama’s for breakfast yesterday to experience what the guidebook called “the real San Francisco”. Not sure about that – there were lots of tourists in there – but we each had a great breakfast. Two eggs ‘sunny side up’, home fries and an ‘English muffin’ for me; three enormous fluffy pancakes with berries and cream for D.

We checked out of the hotel and got the cable car up to pick up the car. Very weird road rules in SF and David got a bit stressed, but we were soon out of there and on Highway 1. Lovely scenery, rolling hills and washing waves most of the way to Santa Cruz. So much for heading off to the sun though – it’s just as overcast here.

Checked into a really basic motel and went for a walk along the Boardwalk. Decided not to ride anything and then drove up to the Mystery Spot. One of those places where the ‘laws of physics don’t apply.’ It was a little disappointing cos the tour was only about twenty minutes, but it was fun. Not sure I believe in it though.

Me at the Mystery Spot

Ate dinner in the room and watched The West Wing (hurray!) then walked down the Boardwalk again, much more fun and atmospheric in the dark. Had our pictures taken in a photo booth. 

{Writing this up and looking at the photos is making me tearful…}


7 thoughts on “San Francisco to Santa Cruz: 26 July 2001

  1. Keris, I’m loving your SF posts. How thrilled are you, looking back on them that you had the foresight to write them? Cx

    1. Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying. The notebook from the trip is one of my most treasured possessions. Good to get it online though, in case anything ever happened to it!

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