Santa Cruz to Monterey to Morro Bay: 27 July 2001

We set off early for Monterey. The weather was lovely and we walked down Fisherman’s Wharf and saw pelicans, sea lions and an otter – lying on its back and washing its face. We walked up to Cannery Row and then had lunch looking out at the bay. It was lovely, very relaxing. I think the words “This is the life” were uttered.

From there we did 17 Mile Drive, which was lovely, but the weather was overcast. We saw deer and chipmunks – one right at the side of the road that we nearly squished. We drove through Carmel* and then back onto Highway 1 all the way – eventually – to Morro Bay.

We did stop a few times at viewing points – the coastline was really lovely, much higher and much more woody than I expected. And we stopped at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to see the waterfall that runs into the Pacific (the only one).

Our motel is on the outskirts of Morro Bay and we couldn’t find downtown so we ended up having a pizza in our room and watching the Woody Allen film Bananas on TV.

Reading: A Conspiracy of Paper by David Liss

* I cannot BELIEVE we didn’t stop in Carmel. No idea why, but every time I see it online I curse my 30-year-old self. I can only assume I was worried it was too expensive for stopping. What a divot. I mean, look at it: (Although it does look expensive…)


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