Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo to Santa Maria: 28 July 2001

Drove to San Luis Obispo* intending to spend an hour or so and then head to Santa Barbara, but it was so lovely we decided we’d like to stay. It’s a proper town with shops and restaurants, a theatre, three cinemas (an art deco one with a little booth ‘out front’), a creek running through and there’s the Mission and Mission Square in which they were setting up a free evening concert. There was also a fab bookshop where I bought two Armistead Maupin first editions and got overexcited. It was all lovely, but the hotel rooms were all over $100. So we stayed until 5pm (we had lunch in Izzy Ortega’s Mexican Cantina) and then drove to Santa Maria where we were told the room would be much cheaper.

We still had to pay $60, but it was Friday night. We went to see America’s Sweethearts and then home to bed (McD’s for dinner, where I was told my accent was “real pretty”!)

* Just saw that SLO’s website calls it “the happiest place in America.” I can totally believe that. Lovely place.

See in SLO: Can you imagine how much David laughed at this?