LA: 30 July 2001

After finding somewhere to leave the car for the day, got the tram into LA. We walked down Hollywood Boulevard, which was pretty seedy: lots of tourist tat shops, Scientology Testing Centres and sex shops, but we saw the stars on the Walk of Fame and I took a photo of Harry James’s star to show Dad.

Went to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – I have the same size hands as Demi Moore – before taking a Hollywood History trolley tour. We saw the sign, but from miles away – the guide was literally going “As we turn this corner, it’s there! It’s there!” Blink and you’d have missed it. We were given tickets to go to a filming of The Weakest Link, but the bus didn’t come so we missed it. Probably for the best. The tour took us past Paramount Studios and Jim Henson Studios, which was quite exciting. The Henson Studios is mock Tudor with a statue of Kermit dressed as Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp (it was previously Charlie Chaplin Studios).

 We got back to Long Beach and went for a drive to try and find the canals but got lost – again! This place is like The Twilight Zone. Anyway, we decided on the way back that we’ll have to cancel the east coast car. Better to have six really great weeks than 12 average ones. Shame.

Reading: Bandits by Elmore Leonard